Invisible Planet

At school, we all know that the solar system has nine planets, including our Mother Earth. In textbooks on astronomy and the lectures in the planetarium gives details of these are relatively well-studied celestial bodies, which do not have — with the exception of our blue planet — our usual forms of organic life. These planets were known thousands of years ago. They knew about the ancient Sumerians, and Persians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Incas and the Chinese. Tales and legends of the nine celestial gods common even among primitive tribes in Africa, Australia, and the indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia, Kamchatka and North America. However, in almost every ancient culture also were mentioned about a celestial body, which played in the lives of its members a special role.

Divine Nibiru

The peoples of northern China a legend about how the once high in the sky there was a long golden boat, which came down to the god named Enlil. This god of wisdom and built a city dedicated people gave secret knowledge.
Similar in content, but much more ancient legends existed and the Sumerians, is endowed with the tenth planet, which they called Nibiru, divine qualities. More information can be found in the cuneiform inscriptions on clay tablets, which in large quantities have been found in present-day Iraq.

The cause is unknown …

Astronomers XIX-XX centuries, knew about these and similar legends, put forward various hypotheses about the mysterious planet. Some scientists have argued that ancient people worshiped some comet, from time to time pass at a slight distance from the Earth. Others have suggested that thousands of years ago in the solar system really existed tenth planet, which for unknown reasons, died giving birth to a large number of meteorites. Even from one version followed that long revolved around the sun some great cosmic body, which, because of their unstable trajectory, or by external gravitational forces left the solar system and gone into deep space.

Unusual hypothesis

Starting from the second half of XX century, many scientists began to lean toward the fact that the mysterious tenth planet still exists, appearing next to the Earth over long time intervals.

So, Novosibirsk scientist Sergey Fedorovich Karnaukhov, worked from 1979 to 1985 employee Zelenchukskaya Astrophysical Observatory, in the mid 80-ies of XX century hypothesized the existence of a tenth planet solar system, which has a very elongated orbit. To confirm the unusual hypothesis, the scientist is to gather facts, indirectly pointing to the existence of this planet, as well as its influence on the development of human civilization. A few years later the Soviet astrophysicist assumption was confirmed the original theory of the American scholar Zecharia Sitchin, who also said that in our solar system, there is another large planet, rarely appearing in the sky, which had a decisive influence on the development of mankind.

Unearthly genes earthly people

Theorem 3. Sitchin very peculiar continued his colleague Alan Alford, who believes that this mysterious planet for hundreds of thousands of years ago, there was a highly technological civilization. According to A. Alford, its representatives for the first time set foot on Earth 272,183 years ago, when the tenth planet once again appeared at a short distance away from us, and … created the first humans, who are viewed as an effective workforce. In support of his hypothesis A. Alford led the findings of geneticists, according to which the human genome is composed of 30-35 thousand genes, 99% identical to the chimpanzee genome and 70% of the genome of the mouse. In addition, some human genes are identical to the genes of invertebrates, plants, yeasts and molds. But modern man is still 223 genes that are no longer of any one living creature on earth, and that, accordingly, could not be the result of the earth's evolution.

According to studies and assumptions A. Alford, 18 thousand years after his first visit to the Earth aliens built the first city in Mesopotamia — Eridu, the memory of which still survives in ancient legends …

The reason for the Flood

At the turn of the 80-90's of the last century, a number of scientists Karnaukhov-minded, among which entered and Doctor of Sciences Andrei Platonovich Brinks, created a mathematical model of this mysterious planet. The results surprised the researchers. In particular, it was theoretically established that the planet, which has a number of peoples called Nibiru (translated from drevneshumerskogo means "crossing"), makes one revolution around the Sun in 3600 years. While most distant planet known to modern astronomy — Pluto — wrapped around our star for 247 years.

The estimated mass of Nibiru is four masses of the Earth, and the greatest distance outbound tenth planet from the sun is three times more than that to which our star is removed from Pluto. The mathematical model also showed the fact that the last time Nibiru was at the closest distance from the Earth is 12 million miles away, 10,983 BC. e. According to biblical sources, it was at this time on this planet and there was a Flood that destroyed almost the entire human civilization, and a large part of the animal and plant world.

Chinese legend of the golden boat and wise god Enlil who built the city, dates from II century BC. According to the same calculations SF Karnaukhova, the last time Nibiru approaches Earth in the year 183 BC.

It is curious that during the excavations carried out by Chinese archaeologists in the mountainous Altai Inner second half of the 70's of the last century, were discovered the ruins of an ancient settlement, whose residents are supposed to have a very high culture. Perhaps the City of wisdom vanished from the earth as a result of the catastrophic earthquake in northern China in the III century BC. e., which drastically changed the landscape of the area.

Fateful encounter with Earth

Why is still mysterious tenth planet failed to detect any known modern astronomy instruments? May believe SF Karnaukhov and AP Edges around Nibiru a certain field does not allow her to reveal the airwaves. And the distance at which it is currently on Earth, makes it impossible to discover its modern optical devices.

According to the calculations of Russian scientists, the next occurrence of the tenth planet with us but only to be expected in the year 3417. However, according to the mathematical model Karnaukhova-edge, about 350 years ago, the mysterious planet Nibiru has overcome the most distant point of its trajectory and is now rapidly approaching the Earth. Given the rapid scientific and technological progress, possibly through 400-500 years is at present unknown to astronomy, celestial body can be seen through telescopes of the future. And at the beginning of the next millennium, humans will feel the effect of gravitational forces tenth planet. It is quite possible that it will be expressed in a major change in climate and atmospheric composition, geological and man-made disasters, emergence of new species of flora and fauna.

Taking into account the fact that Nibiru once again come to Earth to record short distance equal to nine million kilometers, it is possible that humanity expects another Deluge, after which will be a new round of development of human civilization. In the case of the worst of weather, our planet will come quickly from its orbit and go to the free space journey that will forever destroy all organic life forms on Earth.

Sergei Kozhushko, Secrets of the twentieth century

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