Invisible world

Invisible world

Information Matrix man is immortal. Information matrix of the past, future and parallel versions exist around us. Time travel is possible. Man is immortal.

Any atom in the depths of his microcosm carries information about the universe. Any matter carries information in a state of rest.

Any energy in the world is modulated information.

Unified field — this information field, which includes all forms of energy as the carrier information, and matter in which the information is in a state of relative rest. Energy — a carrier wave of information.

Information is capable of focus and dissipate any energy, can activate the latent energy in matter. Information can obtain additional information. Information fields can affect the synthesis of matter and energy of the atoms. Information fueled energy is stored in the matter and is never lost.

Each atom contains information about the universe's past and future.

Time — this spiral, closed in a ring, each turn is also a spiral, etc. Information on the recent past — that is, information about the distant future. The past is repeated in the future. Moreover past material in this universe. Now somewhere in the universe there is a replica of the solar system, with the only difference was that in 1815, and Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. There is a secret door between our world and the material world of the past and the future.

If any evidence of the existence of the information field? The main proof of this — of the universe can not exist without this field. Each atom preserves the memory of the impact on it of other atoms, elementary particles, as well as gravity, energy and material influences. If this were not the case — would have been chaos. And, the few laws of physics that we know of, would be unstable.

Fabric stores information. Information key is able to activate the information. Next to us are always the shadow of the past and ghosts of the future.

Two atoms, separated from each other at any distance, "know" everything about the universe and thus each other.

Two atoms are coupled once they "know" about each other more.

Two atoms in a state of clutch hold a greater volume of information, ranging from the clutch. The amount of atoms (the subject) is a tremendous amount of information about the world around him from the grip of this amount of atoms.

Is there an information matrix of time? Yes. The best proof of this — the light of long-extinct stars. The past does not pass without a trace of his next — the information matrix has been with us. As long as we just do not know how to use it.

In the decay of organic molecules into atoms formed energy. Its cast, matrix hologram is recorded on each individual atom. The greater the accumulation of these atoms, the greater the opportunity by putting them in the information-energy field, consider the recorded information they provide. Placing in a field of ancient human skull may consider genetic information, memory and even subconscious memory, carrying information about the Earth, the time when the skull was a living person.

Time model — is both a model of the universe. The time can be thought of as a spiral, which is closed in a ring, each turn of which also spirals, etc. At every point of the Universe events are repeated over a large (but not infinite time period). Between two absolute repeats there are numerous variations, with major and minor deviations from the original event. These options do not go beyond the laws of the universe.

Past, present and future exist simultaneously. Motion of an object in a spiral of time is the same as the movement of electrons in copper wire.

We do not die. After a long, but not infinite time, our whole life is repeated exactly. Between the two identical versions there are many other options with some tolerances. In addition to our world, there is the world of the past, future and Probability Reality.

Space is not a straight line. Curvature of space allows you to move faster than the speed of light. Hyper-space curvature can move long distance in a short amount of time.

Movement in space — is moving in time.

Moving in space — time is moving on information matrix of the universe.

May draw energy from outside on the basis of the law of impermanence of physical characteristics. Thermometer — is a model of perpetual motion.

You can create a gravitational propulsion, not "cling" in contrast to the wheels, propeller and jet for the surrounding atoms. Apparently this is the inertial-pulse resonant mover on the electromagnetic basis. This "flying saucer" and a time machine at a time. Going into hyperspace, such a device is included in the information matrix of the universe. The influence of the past do not mean that this does not lead to the creation of a parallel reality, as they already exist somewhere in the turn of the spiral of time in the form of probabilistic Reality.

Information matrix of a physical object can be implemented in the information field of the past and to withdraw it from there to the information received.

People soon learn to make the information matrix with the physical objects of the past and re-create them on these physical objects in the present. The more that person is already once knew.

Acting directional flow pulse-resonance energy on the matter, you can get the energy flow modulating information on past and the world of matter, once surrounding this matter.

The main problem is that to filter out the information stream that information which is appropriate for a specific length of time in the past.

That can serve as a "filter"? Each atom, in addition to information about the surrounding events, carries information about the position of the planets at different times. Information about a certain point of time in the past is closely linked to information on the situation of the heavenly bodies. This is the "filter".

Subconscious — a huge repository of information. If a person learns to use it, and remember exactly how he did it earlier, at will be able to move in space-time can see the past — the future of reality and probability, as well as live in them.

Man — this information. The atoms that make up our body, we previously did not belong. And those atoms of which we are made today are not those with which we are born. Death is a loss of atoms, not information, and the ability to collect information atoms. During deceleration or acceleration of the physical processes inside the object it will disappear, but rather will be in a different point in space — time.

This is the dematerialization and materialization Teleport to another point in space — time.

Past, present and future exist in the same point in space at the same time, but the person moving through time at a normal speed of rotation of the elementary particles their atoms, sees no past and no future.

The elementary particles of the atoms of the Past and Future in the Present moving at a different rate and therefore invisible.

In the mathematical world of Euclidean geometry, where the two lines never intersect at infinity, time travel is not possible.

But in the real physical world, which is closer to an infinite number of hyperbolic geometry two parallel lines with the physical nature will never be infinite parallel. Two parallel beams of light necessarily diverge or intersect in the universe under the influence of gravity.

In Einstein's formula light speed reference value. But it is known that under the influence of gravity can deflect light and it is reasonable to assume that it changes its speed and perhaps even the frequency.

In this case, Einstein's formula is vseobemlyuschey, and is a special case, as well as the Euclidean axiom of parallel lines — one version of the almost infinite number of options.

And Euclidean geometry, and the theory of relativity is just a special case of a more general law.

Consider another question. The physical death of a person. Where should it be the information matrix? In the past, the future, on the other side of the universe, or co-exist with us. Most likely it is in the probability of Reality on spiral of Time, where there is something similar to our world. But this revolution is very interesting. From it there is a window into our reality. Today it is the irregular functioning window, as it works through the subconscious perception. Real if seen in a dream a dead person? At least it proves that the missing information matrix of a physical object does not disappear.

Soul "dead" can communicate with their descendants as well as with their ancestors, "living" in a different point in time. Information matrix for these spiraling journey time routine.

Visible and invisible worlds are interconnected. Acting on one world to another vozdeystvuesh. Anything is possible.

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