«Iron Man Suit» experience in June

1st layouts recent American combat equipment TALOS will be ready in summer 2014. The fact that their tests will begin in June of this year, reporters said William Mc Raven, Admiral, U.S. Navy. TALOS — Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit — already dubbed «suit man of steel», in honor of the popular hero in the U.S. graphic novels Marvel. The development objective of this set of equipment is to increase the effectiveness of each separately taken a soldier in a combat situation. Ensure it is planned due to 2-components — the exoskeleton, which provides the best protection fighter and builds its strength properties, and integrated into the suit’s electrical system.

The concept of the TALOS a suit for the first time was presented at the conference, which was held in May 2013. Represented equipment Admiral William Mc Raven, who served as commander of the Special Operations Forces. On the idea of ​​developing an intelligent protective armor for soldiers stumbled his destruction of the 1st American soldier on the ground in Afghanistan. According to the admiral, one South American soldier was killed by militants, «Taliban» when entering the house, trying to free the hostage.

According to Admiral Mc Raven, in the creation of the layout TALOS are 16 municipal agencies, 13 institutes, 10 national laboratories, and 56 industrial companies outright. According to him, the development of part of a suit will be able to significantly increment not only survival, and the American soldier fighting properties. It is reported that the suit TALOS will include exoskeleton helmet equipped with TVs and smart armor. With all of this suit will be able to monitor the characteristics of life and even a soldier to give him first aid for bleeding.

In June 2014 will be ready only 3 layout of this suit, the very same equipment will be accepted by the U.S. Army for service exclusively in 2018 (estimated life). Admiral Mc Raven emphasizes that at the present time is concerned only about the trials of the exoskeleton of a suit TALOS. Exoskeleton device name, the main purpose of which is to increase the power of ordinary people through the outer frame.

The overall design of a suit is a mystery. But at the moment, you can read about what it will become the basis for the exoskeleton, which will create an additional level of strength and muscle mass. According to Dr. MIT Gareth McKinley, outside exoskeleton will remember the one in which the actress Sigourney Weaver moved in a certain fantasy movie «Alien.» At the same time, representatives of the U.S. Army Command NE noted that the introduction of the exoskeleton will allow fighters give superhuman strength. Exoskeleton will help strengthen the movement at least some fighters, including its overall mobility and speed.

The implication is that the exoskeleton of a suit will allow fighter TALOS run cross country and even make jumps, carrying on for themselves more than 45 kg of various equipment. Outside strong exoskeleton will be covered with protective plates that will firmly defend soldier from shrapnel and bullets in a combat situation. Also available information about that part of a suit will be integrated climate control system, which will warm fighter in cool weather and cool in hot weather.

The structure will include a suit TALOS special broneshlem, who will receive a collection and information processing, which will be displayed on the operational safety glass helmet. All information on the protective glass helmets will be displayed using the collimator system with a focus on infinity. This solution will ensure readability of disk imaging, regardless of where the operator will look a suit. It is reported that in the output streams will include disk imaging intelligence UAV.

«Suit steel man ‘experience in June
Enhancing visual characteristics has the same fundamental importance as increased physical abilities fighter. The structure of a suit must enter TALOS tools that will make the vision of a better picture of the modern battlefield completely. Namely, he will receive a portable night vision device, which owns a 360 degrees. Looking through the eyepiece such devices will be able to get clear of fighter information on the location of the enemy. The introduction of such devices would provide the operator a suit TALOS obvious an advantage in dealing with certain combat assignments.

TALOS suit vain associated with the suit of Man of Steel comic books and feature films. As in gear Man of Steel, it will set a huge number of sensors and detectors that will be able to monitor heart rate, body temperature, level of dehydration. All the information about the physical condition and health of the fighter they are able to pass to the command center. In addition, the suit will receive a special inflatable cuff. Managed cuff sensors fail to stop bleeding in case of injury fighter.

It is worth noting that the development sverhtehnologichny not alien to the Russian defense industry. In the Russian army also think on the introduction of entirely new means of protection and implementation of military robotics. For example, in August 2013 in the Russian media disk imaging appeared that the Russian army will be equipped with a special nanobroney. In addition, the current time in the armed forces is tested a set of new military equipment, «Warrior.» The structure of this equipment coming fighter kits include military equipment, personal body armor systems and energy conservation and livelihoods.

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