Japan and the United States have begun joint exercises

Japan and the United States have begun joint exercisesJapan and the United States Mon, November 5, launched a joint exercise. As reported by NHK, the maneuvers are held in Okinawa Prefecture, near the U.S. military base.

37 are participating in the exercise of thousands of Japanese and 10 thousand U.S. troops, ships and Navy Land of the Rising Sun and one south american aircraft carrier. According to The New York Times, refers to the constant teaching of the bilateral Keen Sword ("Sharp Blade").

Teaching against the backdrop of worsening territorial dispute between Japan and China over the Senkaku archipelago (Diaoyu). Tensions between the two countries-name intensified in August of this year, after the government of the Land of the Rising Sun announced its intention to buy three islands at various hosts. In China, after which there were mass anti-Japanese demonstrations in connection with which large Japanese companies stopped work in the country.

Official Beijing has previously expressed dissatisfaction with intent Land of the Rising Sun and the U.S. hold joint military exercises. In late October, China's Defense Ministry said the maneuvers "to increase tension in the region" and noted that they would carefully watch their progress.

According to The New York Times, in connection with the situation around the disputed islands Japan and the United States agreed to change programs from the exercise, namely, it has been excluded from the operation to free the uninhabited islands, captured conventional enemy.

In accordance with the plan, teaching Keen Sword will last until November 16.

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