Japan announced an increase in Russian Air Force near its own borders

Japan announced an increase in Russian air force near its border

Russian Air Force to increment the presence on the border with Japan. So say the Japanese media.

As reported by BBC News, with reference to the statement by the Japanese armed forces, from April to September, received 149 reports of Russian aircraft approaching the Japanese border. This is 80 percent more than last year, said the Japanese agency.

It is also reported that during this period of Russian Air Force planes were seen near the island of Hokkaido, but they never crossed into the air space land of the rising sun. According to the views of the representatives of the Japanese armed forces, so makarom Our homeland "demonstrates his presence" in the region.

Recall that on November 1, Dmitry Medvedev flew to Kunashir — South peninsula Greater Kuril Ridge. Peninsula lies in the particular vicinity of the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Dmitry Medvedev's trip has displeased the Japanese side. Prime Minister of the Land of the Rising Sun Naoto Kan said in parliament that the Kunashir, Iturup, Shikotan and Habomai archipelago inhabitants of the country of the rising sun are considered "their territory" and the round trip Russian favorite "regrettable." In Moscow, the reaction is dubbed unacceptable because Russian President visited the area of its own, not someone else's country.

Japan claims the four islands of the Kuril chain, referring to the two-way trade and the Treatise on the borders of 1855. Moscow's position is that the Southern Kuril Islands became part of the Soviet Union on the basis of the second world war, and Russian sovereignty over them, having a corresponding international legal formalization, can not be questioned.

U.S. has urged Russia and Japan to resolve territorial prepyadstviya and sign a peace agreement.

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