Japan continues to make the Kurils

Japan continues to demand the KurilesIn Tokyo, began meeting Deputy Minister of Overseas Affairs and the Land of the Rising Sun. Head of the Russian delegation is Igor Morgulov and Japanese heads Akitaka Saiki.

The current meeting — this is the first step to a more severe meeting for talks at the highest level, which is expected to have to take a role with our party president RF Vladimir Putin and on the Japanese side Yoshihiko Nodo, the prime minister of the country of the rising sun.

It is planned that meeting favorites to happen in December of this year in Moscow. Japanese Prime Minister in this time going to the capital RF a working visit.

In time this meeting will prepare the ground for the meeting. Igor Morgulov and Akitaka Saiki will develop double-sided documents, and the final agreement which will happen in December.
The main topic of the meeting will be, of course, the territorial issue. This topic has long been hanging in the air, and requests solutions. Recall that the reference to a document from 1855 — two Treatise on trade and borders — Japan claims the Russian island of Kunashir, Iturup, Shikotan and Habomai.

At one time, the return of these four islands of Japan led as one of the criteria for the conclusion of peace treaty with Russia, which, but it was never signed after the end of the second world war. Moscow insists on the fact that our sovereignty over these territories is designed in accordance with all existing international legal standards of design and no hesitation that these islands, which belonged to the Soviet Union as the Southern Kuriles, following the second World War, and there can not can.

But, nevertheless, specifically the question of geopolitics is the main reason for the current dialogue between the deputy heads of the 2-foreign ministries. Land of the rising sun seriously believes that it has reason to claim the Russian countryside and the hopes that he could find a good reason to continue the conversation on the topic.

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