Japan fully deployed missile defense system in preparation for the launch of the North Korean satellite

Japan fully deployed missile defense system in preparation for the launch of the North Korean satelliteNewsru.com Japan is quite graduated from the deployment of a missile defense system in its own southern prefecture of Okinawa, in preparation for the following week to further launch rocket North Korea, the equipped satellites. This was announced by the Ministry of Defense.

In total, as reported by ITAR-TASS, four sets of missile defense Patriot PAC-3 installed in the largest local town of Naha, at a military base in Nanjo town, on the islands of Miyako and Ishigaki, which are placed to the south-west of Okinawa. Specifically on them, are meant to be held the line of flight movements of North Korean missiles.

In addition to ground-based missile defense system, Japan will use three destroyers — "Kirishima", "Meco" and "Teka", equipped by multi-tracking system and the Aegis guided anti-aircraft missiles and long-range SM-3. They will be deployed in the Sea of Japan and East China Seas.

SM-3 missiles can shoot down the North Korean missile outside the atmosphere, if it will lose speed or deviate from the course.

Pyongyang announced that it start will be held from April 12 to 16 in honor of the 100th anniversary of day or birthday of the founder Kim Il Sung.

The first stage rocket disconnect over yellowish sea, and it will fall off the western coast of South Korea. Further rocket sweep over the Japanese islands, and its second stage should fall into the open sea to the east of the Philippine island of Luzon brain.

The Minister of Defence land of the rising sun Naoki Tanaka has already ordered the military to shoot down North Korean rocket if she or her pieces will remain hazardous areas of the country.

Settings Patriot will be involved, if ships will miss. PAC-3 missile intended to kill her or pieces of concrete at the ground. Three such as complex Patriot will also cover the area of Tokyo.

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