Japan, India and China had sold out West

Japan, India and China had sold out West

Prominent thinkers and analysts of various stripes is not the first decade of predicting the death of Europe and Western civilization in general. But dying is not only convenient West, and the wisest of the East, which is now managed to learn from all of Western civilization is the worst: the cult of consumption and means of domination. And the brightest examples of this — Japan, China and India.

For over a century, we have a habit of talk about the so-called the decline of the West, Spengler's famous essay, hard-to-brain of the current public, was placed in the First World War, and he quickly fulfilled his prophecy — Europe was transformed into a South American colony and a bureaucratic nightmare (both economically and spiritually). Europe's population is aging rapidly disappearing frisky and soon — in the next few decades — it will be replaced. Since that time, as Solzhenitsyn yelled that "in the West, they do not know that they are alive," it makes no sense to mourn what is happening!

The modern world — it's a nightmare, I saw something the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, a genius with leftist political preferences completely forgotten these days are in that part of the world that was left over from France (sorry, the Netherlands). The European council worker can not tolerate or sovereign fears Putin — the latter policy, which owns and mind, and soul. That is why in Western Europe are increasingly and more young people in the ecstasy of Putin. And we will see that this will wake up and hope in us.

In modern civilization, and civilization does not smell — not Shakespeare or Balzac or Nabokov or Mozart or Wagner or Shostakovich. There is nothing: the culture you look for in a best-seller lists, festivals and megakinotsentrov in "New-york Times." Postmodernism — it galleries, shopping centers, toll roads, the mixture of cultures and real estate. And everything else — just nothing more — it's debt, zombipodobnyh existence and tourism. The private "Zarathustra," Nietzsche wrote of the latter his father, but he did not know that God is already dead! And now we must openly admit that we did not know that West died. In this arrangement only the matrix, stuck to their ears in debt, full of noise and nonsense, and from time to time — and rage (at least, in Libya and Syria), and completely lost all meaning.

But it is not just in the West today, we are passionate about vampires and zombies: vampire sucks the blood (in other words, the central bankers suck funds), and zombie wanders back and forth without the presence of consciousness. Welcome to let the person said at the time TS Eliot.

But even this would be from the West …

Now I would like to talk about the decline of the East. Despite the case being built and the promotion of developing the camp, I can not accurately distinguish between the decline of the East. Very easy to despise France or Italy — An old paltry country who have lost all their former charisma … But if we can show what is happening in India? Or in Vietnam? Or, in the Land of the Rising Sun? And I'm not talking about China, which claims to be the first in the world today.

When the decline of the West was diagnosed, it was faster than the spiritual aspects, but now it is measured by economic and demographic aspects. But remember: while the decline was only spiritual. Modern the world has been materialistic, it was dull and dreary and hopeless, and he was an existentialist, and Dadaist, and anything in that vein. And where is my predecessors were disappointed to find the candidate? In the East!

East was a state guru, earth traditions, the last kings: East was the land of Tibet, the I Ching (The books of Changes) and secret societies; East was the land of Sufism, yoga and wisdom. It was the land of the real puteshestviya.I all this (sorry, I can in something and exaggerating) was gone.

The stately sage of the East went on about the business of modern witchcraft and submitted sirens degenerate West. Vietnam has forgotten its own hydraulic society (read and reread the famous Wittfogel) and covered their scooters and street bikes (and masks — because of pollution), all forgotten about the heroic war against the Yankees and everyone now wants to be rich and live like the Yankees (well, say, as the Yankees kind of John Wayne, as the weaving of millions of ordinary Yankees suffering from poverty and disease).

India has sold his soul to the caste of Vashj — shopkeepers. Now Mercantile Exchange, real estate speculation, destruction of slums and commercial television — ordinary thing for a majestic civilization Mahatma either of the deepest thoughts and meditations of Ramana Maharshi. A now think about the broken land of the rising sun, its drug addicts and hippies, the unprecedented degeneration, think about the end of the samurai and bushido, the end of the ruler. There was the last ruler, and the ruler was only issued to the load, which is not smarter than the British queen.

I visited Tokyo last year — the atmosphere was not human, it posthuman, and you should (as I have already explained) to become an astronaut, a cockroach to survive in these vile criteria.

But where that had happened to the East, which we used to dream? Today's pilgrims — it's just business travelers. Modern Mecca — is a night terror, and perhaps even worse than that. Last Saturday in Saudi Arabia Lionel Messi was not lynched sensitive mass of football fans. He is now a new god for those of human beings, and not Allah. And if we put it off, as in the West, the aging believing minority, we will see that their mosques and temples of old — is less than business centers, and churches everywhere have changed the shopping centers.

100 years ago, many European thinkers like René Guénon, Schuon, Daniel, felt that such-left untouched in the entropy of the modern world. Guenon then predicted the victory of the East and wrong in this. East, like any other, only 50 became the first state in America. And Then There Were such a country which has saved a single drop of his own charisma faded. About China and do not remember. I passed the evening almost in tears revised raschudesny movie "Crouching Tiger, HID Dragon" — is we were promised? Now taken pleasure for themselves smoke, smog, corruption, empty luxury shops, compressed traffic and deals with the imperialist Yankees. Were you not so long ago in China — where the most beautiful scenery in the world turned into a suburb of Las Vegas? Is not this the result of the world economy? Kill both soul and body?

Yes, maybe we are very much expected from eastern civilization. Ah, yes, they were so poor, you know, and the English civilization this is amazing … all desire to know and own holodilnichek, private telephone and vacations at the beach, I know … But I'm not giving up.

Sunset East will not be slow to come — both economic and demographic — as in the West, as in the land of the rising sun. The population of the earth, which changes its standards, their fathers, their own faith, does not behave better than the Yankees, condemned both spiritually and economically. That's why I look forward to much forward to more from Eastern Europe, from Eastern Christianity — after the fall of the euro and the devilish alliance with the Yankees.

As said at one point, Heidegger "West"Means that the closer is kept to its roots. Maybe this will makarom revival of Western civilization.

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