Japan started the assembly of technological demonstrator fighter fifth generation

Japan started the assembly of technological demonstrator of fifth generation fighterThe plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has begun assembly promising a full-scale technology demonstrator ATD (Advanced Technology Demonstrator) for full-scale structural testing. Lock and ATD is under contract with the Ministry of Defence land of the rising sun, on which the aircraft will be used for flight testing and refinement of advanced, including stealth technology for the future of Japanese fighters. Since the beginning of the assembly project in the true ATD time ran to the stage of production.

Now in the morning at the plant Tobishima (Tobishima Plant) Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works of MHI held in Aichi Prefecture ceremony "First rivet". In the middle of the participants of the ceremony were Director General of the Institute of technical research and development (Technical Research & Development Institute) Yoshitaka Akiyama (Yoshitaka Akiyama), Chief of Staff of the Air Force defense Haruhiko Kataoka (Haruhiko Kataoka), as executive vice president and head of MHI's Aerospace Systems Takashi Kobayashi (Takashi Kobayashi).

During the ceremony, frame fuel cell was connected to the front part of the fuselage, which will be located in the electrical equipment.

Project ATD layout was designed in the 2009 fiscal year (April 2009 — March 2010) in time developments in adjoining countries, the next generation fighter. As expected, the layout will make the first flight in 2014. Project planned to finish by the end of March 2017.

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