Japan swung to war with China, North Korea and Russia?

On the web of strolling stubborn rumors of the Sino-Japanese war, having a fundamental principle, apparently, nedavneshnie hot application of the newspaper "Sankei Shimbun» («Sankei Shimbun»), the reader is referred to unnamed sources. Circulate these rumors completely respectable publications, including Russian.

Japanese bounded above betrothed newspaper reports, that the Government of the Land of the Rising Sun is reforming the armed forces, those preparing for conflict with China.

Japan swung to war with China, North Korea and Russia?

The cause of a future war — the disputed Senkaku Islands. At the same time, so as not to waste the potential and fighting spirit in vain, the people of the country of the rising sun are going to destroy North Korea, and then by Russia.

According to Japanese newspaper, the new government reorganized the armed forces. In what ways? This was in the "Sankei Shimbun" they say rather vague: is integration and improved co-ordination between all branches of the military. Stated primary purpose of military reforms: to be ready in 10-20 years to reflect armed anger from China. The government admits that by the time Beijing may try to establish control over the Senkaku Islands.

Military production began immediately after coming to power, "hawk", Shinzo Abe. Already scheduled deployment in the vicinity of the disputed islands terrible force: 2200 Japanese marines.

As for the DPRK and the Russian Federation, then they will apply until Japan intelligence methods. According to "Sankei Shimbun," the government Land of the Rising Sun clearly gave to understand that, except for China, as the danger of war are considered our homeland and the DPRK. In their attitude will become more active intelligence work.

From this we can conclude: today's grown old "hawks" (not so long ago, sir Abe read on the phone with Obama, thinking that goes with George W. Bush) are more similar than the harsh politicians, but by alarmists, and on such which are no longer valid or advice of therapists, nor the most powerful antidepressants.

In the "Sankei Shimbun" report that the administration of Abe's another reason for excitement believes that the country has nuclear power plants: in fact, these stations can now be attacked "armed commandos from other countries." Clearly, the Chinese are in cahoots with the Russian, wearing UGC, gas masks, and on top of their hats with earflaps, and taking the good old times PCA will have penetrated the area unprotected land of the rising sun, and built there an atomic zavarushku. A comrade Kim Jong Un, razobizhenny the South American magazine "Time" — for being on the cover and a "man of the year" is not got it, and Obama — Russian and Chinese support remotely. Rockets.

The injection of the passions around the future of Sino-Japanese War may have as an unnamed source … Washington. The United States does not matter what kind of lucrative extraneous confrontation with China: South American defense strategy has value as a time-Pacific, where China is eager to hegemony. Who profitable at the same time to undermine America in this confrontation? That's right: their own enemies of old times (against some of them do not even lime helps "reset"). Policy tensions in the region will be targeted against the DPRK and Russia, which in the 2013 South American friends can not be recognized even at a stretch. If North Korea's all so clear, that Moscow "at war" with Washington on the meat front (with a known companion Onishchenko) can not get along in the field of law ("Magnitsky Act" and the "law of Dima Yakovlev"), fighting for the lead in Central Asia, strongly disagrees on the Syrian issue, opposed the European missile defense and against the "Patriots" in Turkey, officially denounces the U.S. quasi-democratic geopolitics, and more intensive cooperation with China. With regard to the direct economic cooperation of the Russian Federation with the United States, it is in relation to the Sino-Russian so little that there is nothing about it and read. Do I need to have to repeat the words of Hillary Clinton that her country threatens to prevent Eurasian "resovetizatsii"? .. All this is very much not a lot like the friendship of the people.

Shinzo Abe, who will look out for the American back — not Obama, not Bush, is not, perhaps, Bill Clinton — have struggled to think that the Americans will use Japan to implement their own (rather than Japanese ) interests in the Asia Pacific region. The injection of the situation around the islands and war hysteria can only provoke a deterioration of relations between China and Japan and the decline in the Japanese economy. The last — not a bad dream of the Prime Minister, it is — reality.

January 5, published results of a survey conducted by the Japanese news agency "Kyodo". It was found that two-thirds of the population of China is boycotting Japanese products. The reason for the boycott — the same conflict between Beijing and Tokyo over the Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu in Chinese).

More than 65% of the inhabitants and the land of the rising sun, and China not collected recently to visit the neighboring country because of the territorial dispute. It should also be noted that 60 percent of Japanese respondents and 71 percent of respondents in China say: bilateral business between Japan and China to develop.

In the middle of the respondents about a quarter of people of China have identified that participated in the actions of anti-Japanese protests in September last year after the government nationalized land of the rising sun of the Senkaku Islands. And as much as 75% said they "understand feelings of dissatisfaction with their own citizens, but they believe their behavior on the mass protests superfluous aggressive."

If the people of both countries advocate the development of relations and against the anger, the government's 2-states prefer rhetoric to the point of military threats. Another clever Strindberg mouth of his hero surprised that the government is always doing something that does not want people. Now these words are fully applicable to the Sino-Japanese relations.

Since September last year, Chinese ships 10's again came in the area of the disputed islands, ignoring the objections of the Japanese. December 13 patrol aircraft Municipal Oceanic Administration of China flew into the air space over the islands. Japanese Self-Defense Forces in response lifted into the air F-15 fighter jets. Where thin, there and tear; China "sample" Japan responds.

Planes Chinese authorities still 5 times approaching about 100 km zone around the disputed territories.

January 5, as reported by the newspaper «The Japan Times», Y-12, owned by the Municipal Oceanic Administration of China, proparhal 120 km to the north of the Senkaku Islands, and then turned north. Living in the country of the rising sun raised the alarm fighter F-15, although the Chinese plane and invaded the Japanese air space over the ridge. This was the second flight of the Chinese in particular proximity to the islands controlled by Japan, if we start counting from December 13.

Russian IA «REX» professionals surveyed on the subject o
f whether it is true Japan is preparing for war with China.

Politkonstruktor Yuri Yuriev believes that Japan builds very much longer plans. By the time the far (remember, it was about 10, and even 20 years), when Japan will gather to take control of the disputed islands forces marines, underwater bots these same islands will be able to pull apart piece by piece or to make new islands.

"… I believe that the time for China to learn namyvat new islands in all amounts, especially in the oil-bearing areas of the shelf. Well, the introduction of Marines very weird way, when the same Land of the Rising Sun already made precision mini-missiles that can hover in the air and change the line of motion, and is one hundred percent disguise point and the direction of their starters.

In addition, Japan absolutely dependent on the United States, staying up to now in the occupied state and not being entitled to dramatically increase military power. China, it may in fact everything, and Japan just do not have time to react. So Makar, Japanese Marines will simply hostage … "

Gregory Trofimchuk, a political scientist and the first vice-president of the Centre of Strategic Development Modeling, said that Tokyo was not suicidal, so prepare for a war with Beijing. But China can throw missiles at people's heads, without hesitation.

So Makar, statements regarding the ability of the military conflict made by Japan to assist information "crimping" the unfolding against the backdrop of China's strategic programs from Beijing to oust from the Asia Pacific region. According to the views of a professional, this program there will be connected to South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia and other countries.

"… China is trying to bring to the nerves, the emotions, to break his inner balance and force to make inaccurate political steps fraught including monetary ruin.

Against China are often thrown in by all the weird messages to one or another degree of certainty, will rock the information field around it. In this regard, Washington and Tokyo are totally does not matter who owns the disputed islands (Diaoyu Island and all the others), and basically stick to poke a stick in the face of China. "

Such a separately taken a stick is the new Japanese Prime — "hawk" Abe. In most fresh issue of "Mainiti" said, that the Government of the Land of the Rising Sun for the first time in 11 years could increment the municipal expenditure on defense, after having come to power, the Prime Minister called for the violent actions of a territorial dispute with China.

Next newspaper, citing, as is customary in today's post-modern world to "unnamed sources", continues to poke a stick own geopolitical adversary.

Defense spending in the next financial year (starts April 1) may be increased by 2% and reached about 4.7 trillion yen (53.4 billion dollars. Dollars).

In another article, the Japanese newspaper "Asahi", said the extra money will be spent on expanding the number of SDF personnel land of the rising sun, as for the purchase of modern equipment for land, sea and air forces.

This newspaper also hides its sources.

Against the background of such rumors, almost in the country preparing the ground for alteration of the SDF in the army (which, like it or not, the U.S. can not endorse), the Chinese and the people of the country of the rising sun are occasions for personal protests.

For example, a 76-year Chinese Wen Zhong, injured during the second World War, the Japanese bombing of Chengdu, sent Shinzo Abe letter. He claimed from the Land of the Rising Sun apology for the massacres.

From 1938 to 1941. Japanese warplanes bombed more than 20 times the Chinese city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province. Were killed and wounded more than 3.4 million people. The biggest bombing Chengdu accomplished July 27, 1941: a day for the city were dropped more than 300 bombs.

The victims of the bombing in Chengdu and Chongqing for the first time claimed compensation from the Land of the Rising Sun in 2006, signed a new claim 188 victims. Wen Zhong hopes to bring to the position of victims of the bombing of the Prime Minister through the Land of the Rising Sun Japanese lawyers: their delegation consisting of four people arrived in Chengdu on 31 December.

Chinese debate even with the Japanese about which of the 2-lived Oldest Acquisition of Earthling. The tone here is set Chinese, demanding that the Earth's Oldest Acquisition resident recognized citizen Liu Meyzen.

Meanwhile, the "official", in other words with the filing of the global media, considered to Oldest Acquisition earthling inhabitant of the rising sun (in spring it should be noted the 116th day of birth). An old inhabitant of the planet's top book of Guinness World Records has officially recognized Japanese Dziroemona Kimura.

But Beijing is disputed. Here are convinced that the palm should go to a Chinese woman Liu Meyzen. By the way, is the advantage of course: a resident of a village in the southwestern province of Guangxi … 127 years.

From her passport is clear that she was born in 1885, 12 years before the Japanese attack. But to justify this date the birth certificate of a Chinese woman can not: it is not.

And the editors of the Guinness Books believe that the birth certificate — the main document in calculating the age of the candidates. Hence the dispute.

By the way, Bama county in which lives Liu, has one of the great features on centenarians. Of the 238 thousand inhabitants of the county age of seventy-four people passed for a hundred years. And in general, companions, lived not less than a century, in China there are 47,773. 4/5 of them — the ladies.

Along with the constant disputes — from the oil-rich territories and ending with the oldest old age — the Chinese and the people of the country of the rising sun, as it turns out, can peacefully co-operate fully. Even the sea.

As a newspaper said on January 4 «The Yomiuri Shimbun», Japanese Fisheries Agency and colleagues from similar agencies in China and Taiwan have agreed to work together to prevent overfishing of the Japanese eel.

The three governments have decided to make a joint counter-measures to protect the Nihon unagi, or Japanese eel, a public benefit. Japan (the main consumers eel) imports 60 percent of fish from China and Taiwan.

In accordance with the new plan agreed by the heads of the three departments of fish in December, they will share in May, accurate data on the production of fish, the number of farmed eels, on production and trade.

The agencies also plan to organize a "tracking system" in the next 2-years — to track global supply routes eel in order to prevent a possible overfishing.

Vladimir Portyakov, an expert of the Institute of the Far East, not exclude, that the mutual desire to China and Japan will soon elevate the case, if they continue to spoil:

"… Both sides need to be quiet to approach this dilemma. They need to make a better case, as resounding quarrel has called into question even more serious things. For example, the establishment is closely integrated union 2-states, along with South Korea. Their free-trade zone as a whole can change the geography of the world economy. At the end of the scale is even more serious weight than a problem with the islands. "

In general, not all so simple: if China quarrels with
Japan over the Senkaku Somewhere between South Korea and Japan, the debate is due to Dokdo. In any case, the main political arbiter will be the economy. If the Chinese will continue to boycott Japanese products, first car, the seat under Abe totter even earlier than if it will remove the "solution" of the island prepyadstviya for an indefinite period of time — and that is in this situation is more reasonable. However, politics and mind are compatible rarely satisfied …

It is necessary to assume that the sovereign Abe, as the figure is not completely independent, and dependent on the will of America, Barack Obama wait for solutions. Previously, Abe said that his first international visit will be a meeting in Washington. This once again proves the vassal status Land of the Rising Sun, U.S. ally in the region. Because naive to believe the Japanese press, and plant in the country at the same time alarmist and anti-Chinese sentiment — perhaps with the U.S. supply — and you should wait for the negotiations Shinzo Abe and Barack Obama. The strategy of the latter, not so long ago realized what the outcome of the war in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, and to realize that awaits him in Syria, built quickly to "pull the cat's tail", if by hasty sensible solutions. The more it will pull in times of grave financial crisis, when the U.S. had to increase taxes, as Democrats and Republicans barely agreed on January 2, when the budget was on the verge of fiscal cliff.

Here one thing is clear: Washington will do everything to weaken the surging world leader in Beijing, including the make and arms Tokyo. This task is solved completely mutual etching 2-States: not a "hot" war, but "cold". This process is long, but, as indicated by historical practice, acting for the originator is not particularly Waybill. At first, he had exhausted the budgets of both states and knock on people's pockets of Chinese and Japanese.

The fact that during the mutual squabbles hurt Japan, whitewashed house not worry much. Similarly, it does not disturb the fact that the festering conflict in the Middle East could hurt Turkey. In the U.S., used to rake up the fire by proxy. God grant residents realize this land of the rising sun, the first "hawk" Abe.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
— Especially for topwar.ru

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