Japan will hold the record for half a century the military budget

Japan will hold the record for half a century, the military budget
The Ministry of Defence of the Land of the Rising Sun on September 10 requested for military needs in the budget for 2013 money year 4.57 trillion yen (58 billion dollars). As reported by Defense News, the planned budget a 1.7 percent decrease in military spending for the current year cash. Japan cuts evenly military waste the last 11 years and the coming decline will be a record for the last 58 years.

According to Reuters, if approved, military budget will be the lowest in the last 20 years. Together with the fact the military department land of the rising sun ventured extensive restructuring and modernization of the defense potential for confrontation China. Namely, Defense wants to improve the management and control of the armed forces, communications, intelligence and missile defense, and computer security.

As part of the budget for the following year cash Defense Land of the Rising Sun has requested 72.3 billion yen on a new anti-destroyer displacement of 5,000 tons, 19.2 billion — a new minesweeper, 10 billion yen for the modernization of four aircraft distant radar (AWACS) Boeing E-767 and 2.5 billion — at least four armored amphibious assault.

According to military analyst Shinichi Kietani (Shinichi Kiyotani), is a question of American armored vehicles AAV-7, as the Japanese auto production Defense not staged. AAV is planned to use to protect the outer islands from attacks such as China.

Another three billion yen in Japan wants izderzhat a system of early warning of missile attack posted on bespilotnike. In total, 34.5 billion yen Defense requested to strengthen cyber security information centers office.

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