Japanese special forces — force, which does not officially exist

Japanese special forces - force, which does not officially exist

Modern Japanese Special Forces — it is perhaps the only force in the world, about which there is no definite disk imaging. The fact that in this country forces such as no. And for her safety meet the self-defense forces, who have been granted the status of a typical.

Creating a modern special forces units of the Land of the Rising Sun begins in the distant period after the war. A prerequisite for that was the Potsdam Declaration, which was signed in 1945. According to the declaration of the entire state the Japanese army was disarmed and all troops dissolved. In late November of the same year and be finished ministries — the naval and military, also abolished all the bodies that were under their control. In addition, the Japanese constitution, which was adopted in 1947, the government officially renounces the creation of any arms, and the use of armed force as a means of solving international conflicts.

Yet, as time has shown, words of the Japanese government, stated in the basic law went with the case, and in fact the situation is somewhat different. After quite a bit of time after the end of the war between the cases with 2 former allies, the United States and the Russian Union of significantly worsened. Under the criteria of America began to use Japan to achieve their goals. And in 1950, Joseph MacArthur, Commander of the South American troops, made a statement that Japan won the right to self-defense. As proof of his own words he 8 July of the same year signed a decree according to which in the Land of the Rising Sun was created emergency police force, the number of which reached 75 thousand people. And after year between America and Japan signed a contract under which Japan has officially been pledged without the help of others to be responsible for the safety of all, real or hypothetical, threats.

In the late summer of 1952 the Japanese government had taken for the formation of the state army, starting with the reorganization of the reserve police force in the National Security Corps. Such acts have made it possible to increment its number to 110 thousand people. This chassis was the basis for the creation of self-defense forces, and this title to real time is the official title of the Japanese army. Despite the title, the formation can not be called a weak militarily. Each year, the government allocates land of the rising sun on the modernization and reform of its armed forces about the same amount as does the German or the British government. Thanks to this modern self-defense force land of the rising sun are very massive military formation with highly trained personnel with modern standards of weapons, vehicles and equipment.

But, despite the active support of the authorities in the country is not in a hurry to form special forces units. And, if you believe the official data, by early 2000, in the armed forces of the country of the rising sun does not have such units. Some of the functions of special military units were assigned to the divers, who numbered six groups. They were engaged in mining and mine waters also provided protection of naval bases. The total number of divers reached about 370 people, and the groups themselves were stationed on the territories of the naval base in Kure, Yokosuka, Sasebo, Okinawa, Katsurene, Ominato and Maizuru.

The history of the Navy special operations forces land of the rising sun began back in 1943, when the death squads were formed for the destruction of various objects. A little earlier, in 1934, came the first announcement of the recruitment in the death squads, and even despite the fact that the availability was only 400, received about five thousand applications. But then the "services" of this kind were not in demand. And only during the war, when the position Land of the Rising Sun in the Pacific worsened to the idea returned. Suicide-swimmers were divided into underwater and surface forces. At the disposal of surface forces were boats packed with explosives, while underwater — boats, babies and managed human torpedoes.

Chances to survive in combat swimmers actually was not. But, despite the very primitive methods of struggle, their works were a great deterrent effect. After the war, due to the definitions set forth above, the political and military events of subversive groups in the Land of the Rising Sun did not exist.

At the current time on the web is circulating some information about the existence of the ground forces in riot Rangers, who are part of the compounds of different kinds of troops.

According to the disk imaging in the Japanese Army Ranger troop strength there to 130 people, which is deployed on the peninsula of Okinawa. In addition, there are also non-standard platoons, which are part of the 12 reconnaissance and infantry divisions of the First Airborne Brigade under the title "Kutei."

"Kutei" — is the first special forces unit, which was formed in the State Self-Defense Forces Land of the Rising Sun in 1955. The preparation of the first commandos carried instructors from the United States. Slightly later, in the 60s, the country was opened the first school of its own parachute, but the training was conducted in it all for the same American program there.

Join the ranks of Special Forces completely hard. Anyone wishing to undergo a painstaking selection which last four weeks. After that, all of whom managed to overcome it, are directed to the passage of the main programs from training, the duration of which also is 4 weeks. Those who graduated from the example program in the upcoming directed to additional specific courses Ranger, scuba divers or mountain riflemen.

Now the brigade is stationed near Tokyo. It is about the number 1200. With regard to the structural features, the team contains three combat units, each of which has at 210 people. Apart from this, there is also the Headquarters Company and support services.

In the case of the danger of war, according to the plans of the Japanese military command, any of the five Japanese Army Ranger battalion will have a population of at 400 man, and any division will have its own part by a ranger company of strength by 130 people. So Makar, in case of war, special operations forces capable of providing more than 2-hundred subversive groups, the total number of which will be about four thousand people.

In modern conditions the emergence and development of local military conflicts, the Japanese military they say that there is a real need to review the methods of use of the troops. Thus, the military government Land of the Rising Sun has reorganized the staffing structure of the individual departments and units of the armed forces also carried out a series of measures aimed at re-equipment of the Army. All these actions were intended to prepare the Army to conduct operations against terrorist and subversive groups in the criteria of the town on the Japanese countryside, and to the role in peacekeeping operations abroad.

The thrust of the Army was made to improve the methods of protection of objects of local significance from possible attacks by terrorists and saboteurs: razveddeystvy conduct testing of the detection of sabotage and terrorist groups and their elimination.

And in order for the training to be successful Bole, in 2005, was conducted additional equipment ranges (they were understaffed facilities to simulate the urban area).

In add
ition, shortly before Japan was negotiated with the South American military department of the organization of learning Japanese military actions in the criteria of the town, is also conducting target practice artillery and tank units. And in 2001, the American countryside, a military training ground in Louisiana, such training with the Japanese military ground forces were carried out. Training was conducted by the South American instructors, representatives of the Special Forces mission. And in year, in 2002, began the development of their training programs from the Land of the Rising Sun on the American countryside.

I must say that apart from the Rangers, as part of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the next there is a special unit, the type of American "Delta", which consists of three companies, and has a total population of about 500 people. In the middle of the main tasks that are assigned to this special unit frisky response, we can note the embodiment of anti-subversive groups, protection of nuclear power plants, U.S. military bases, airports and seaports, the residence of the Prime Minister and the garrisons of special operations forces.

In addition, the squad also planned to assign tasks to find and neutralize terrorist groups in the Japanese countryside. For even had formed a special squad numbering 60 man, in which the tasks was to conduct inspection of vessels that illegally violated the Japanese borders, with all this, they were even allowed to use a firearm. To increase the abilities of landing on the ships of the military units were trained in America.

Note that in 2002 the Japanese government began to consider the possibility of reforming the special units of the armed forces by restructuring their component Navy, Air Force and the Army in a single unit, which would allow more fine to use special forces to fight in various military hazards. The reorganization began in 2006 and was completed by 2010. This was the great reform of the Japanese armed forces since 1954.

So today on Makar Special Forces Land of the Rising Sun is a rather serious, well-trained and equipped force.

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