Joseph Seredich: We will not be intimidated!

Today, the Supreme Economic Court held a preliminary hearing on the claim of the Ministry of Information of Belarus to stop release of the independent newspaper "Narodnaya Volya". Ministry insists on closing the publication and refers in this case to the Law "On Mass Media", which provides a form of punishment. The paper's management is responsible for that warning, that really is in the "People's Will" made by her for petty things and not fundamental.

The current trial actually began back on May 13. But then the session lasted only 15 minutes. Judge Mayorov granted the chief editor of the "People's Will" Joseph Seredich the suspension. Not all the documents necessary for the consideration of the claim of the Ministry of Information, were then prepared. And the lawyer Harry Pahanyaila, which edition entrusted to defend their interests in court, unexpectedly detained in a foreign trip.

Today, these obstacles should not be. And why the members of the "People's Will" is calculated for a full session. Joseph Seredich says it is impossible to intimidate the newspaper: "The power is on and has the power to scare the feeble. Not scare us, We will be responsible for their mistakes really, but for the mistakes that have a key, and for that have responsibility and the newspaper, and editing. When placed here so that it is now used, and the time to file a claim from the Ministry of information, then we'll go far. "

The Ministry of Information alone can not stop the output of the "People's

We will take responsibility for their mistakes really, but for the mistakes that are key

freedom. "This decision only in the competence of the Supreme Economic Court of the country. Ministry refers to the current legislation, which has such a rule — if a publication in one calendar year receives two or more warnings, its output can be stopped.

Joseph Seredich says, warning that rendered the publication, do not have a serious legal basis, "the Information Ministry filed a lawsuit on the grounds that there are a number of warnings during the year. So you know," Sovetskaya Belorussia "can be taken at a four warnings number. no need for a year. enough to take one room, bearing in mind the warnings that the removal of the "People's will." What kind of warning if, for example, in the past year, we have reprinted the book, word for word? Record Book, that issued the publishing house that has this job a license! So what do we had this book to draw, cut, redo!? So we dragged to the author to court. "

Today, the trial will continue. On May 18 the same Supreme Economic Court will consider the complaint "Nasha Niva" on the third warning from the Ministry of Information.


The People's Court will Seredich

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