Jubilee Berkut

August 9, 1950 came out, only recently declassified, USSR Council of Ministers № 3389-1426, signed by IV Stalin, on the development of defense systems of cities and strategic targets under the code "Golden eagle. "This press service said GSKB" Almaz-Antey "them. Academician AA Raspletina. Its foundation was a fundamentally new class of long guns — anti-aircraft missiles.

The uniqueness of the project in addition to the fact that the Regulation provides a vision of the political and military control of the USSR and its ability to predict the course of events, to anticipate them. Since then, the situation was very complicated: 5 years ago ended majestic Russian war, the country is still in ruins, and in the midst of already brand-new "cold" war, "Russian blackmail the U.S. atomic bombings Alliance with air.

Under these criteria the country had found the strength and the means to build air defense weapons based on new radar controls. Was found and organizations to lead this great project, which was the number 1 Design Bureau (now GSKB "Almaz-Antey" im.akademika Raspletina AA). Managed the project made by a special committee under the Council of Ministers, headed by LP Beria.

To solve the complex scientific and technical problems in radar and jet aircraft were involved in the best technology research and development organizations, enterprises of various ministries and agencies, large real resources and bonus funds. Only collective KB number 1 was allocated for this purpose more than a million rubles, and the main leaders of the development of "Berkut" appropriated the title of Hero of Socialist Labor and the winner of the Stalin Prize.

Impressive, and the timing of this daring project, which by today's standards seem simply indescribable — 2 years and 4 months. "I consider it necessary to have in November 1952 to provide air defense of Moscow full set in the system"Golden eagle"Radar, guided missiles, rockets, launching devices, and carrier aircraft," — said in Regulation 5 Fri.

Timeline were born and for the next 2-years around Moscow were built two rings of air defense systems S-25 "Golden eagle. "Any of the 56 anti-aircraft missiles could hit targets at once 20 20 missiles. Creation of devices has been established, trained soldiers and officers.

These facts they say about the extraordinary systemic thinking of the scientific manager of the project — Academician AA Raspletina, high professionalism of the team of developers, project managers managerial capabilities, the ability to mobilize forces on the best engineering solution superb tasks.

System C-25 "Golden eagle"Coupled with the anti-aircraft missile systems With-75 (1957), S-125 (1961), and C-200 (1967) provided, in the end, a successful solution of the country's geopolitical puzzles. And this can not but cause now admired by contemporary of, facing the necessity of a new technological breakthrough in the twenty-first century — the creation of a system of air and space defense of.

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