Juvenile justice: how to reduce the population of the United Nations

In Ukraine intend to introduce a so-called "French" or "continental" model of juvenile justice, which has already been implemented in Russia.

How many of us are aware of what it threatens to Ukrainian law-abiding families with young children?

Two years ago, I wrote a pamphlet, "Why do we have these kondoony", in which he spoke about the specific activities of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). Let me remind you: in May 2008, a devastating tornado took the lives of tens of thousands of people in Burma, hundreds of thousands were left homeless. UN fund immediately dispatched humanitarian aid, the most, in their view, necessary: seventy-two thousand eight hundred condoms.

When the government of Burma revolted and refused to accept this abuse, UN official drew heavy artillery. Following the statements by the French Foreign Minister and U.S. Secretary of the possible use of force, kondoony finally went into the hands of poor disadvantaged Burmese.

Contraceptives in disaster areas — not only specialization UNFPA. In February last year, the official representative of the foundation, Arie Hakman (Arie Hoekman), said that the high divorce rate and a large number of children born outside of marriage — it is in fact not a "manifestation of the social crisis" and the "triumph of human rights over the patriarchal» (triumph of "human rights" against "patriarchy").

In these statements, there is nothing surprising: he who pays the piper calls the tune. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), as well as the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO), funded by the United Nations Foundation. This financial institution is often (intentionally and unintentionally) called the "United Nations Foundation." In fact, it is a private charitable foundation, founded by the owner of CNN, Ted Turner. Turner did not hide the fact that the target of reducing the world's population — in that he sees the solution to the current problems of mankind.

In Orwellian dystopia "1984" Ministry of Truth which disseminates the subtle lies, and the Ministry of Love — torture. In our reality, the United Nations Population Fund is engaged in reducing the world's population. This raises the question: what other ternerovskie fosterling — World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF)?

I recall that two years ago, both organizations have actively participated in the venture, has already gone down in history under the name of "cocoa" — from the name of the combined MR vaccine against measles and rubella. A distinctive feature of the "Kaki" was insolent and shameless disregard Ukrainian norms and laws, and the apparent discrepancy measures imposed against its targets. In other words, the Ukrainians, frankly held for idiots. Not surprisingly, against the "kaki" risen almost all Ukrainian health, from academics to local doctors. The only exception was perhaps that ministry officials who have become executive assistants from the experts of WHO and UNICEF experts.

Today the situation is repeated. This time the attack was our family, but the reason — the problems associated with child and adolescent crime. The performers are the officials of the ministry again, this time — the Ministry of Justice, headed by the Deputy Minister of Valeria Lutkovska.

In Ukraine intend to introduce a so-called "French" or "continental" model of juvenile justice, which has already been implemented in Russia. What it is, can be read, for example, here. As usual, it all started with good intentions — for juvenile offenders. Set up special courts, "centers term allocation," "enhanced training centers", "closed educational centers." The most "humane" way — so-called foster families who take education journeys. To get an idea of what it represents, and this, I may say, "family", here is a quote from a completely neutral review: "There are instances when a minor is already an adult and independent, continues to communicate with the Foster family, for example, takes next apartment. Unfortunately, most teenagers refuse to live in the "alien" and prefer to go to jail … "

French specialists in the field of juvenile justice is not easy. Another quote: "The judge uses to education" surprise factor ": the representative of the Centre takes a teenager right in the courtroom (tickets purchased in advance) and rushes him to the south of France, in the circus, when not even go home. If a teenager would go home for clothes, chat with family, caregivers will be more difficult to influence him … "

The final transformation of juvenile justice from the legal instrument in punitive occurred on 23 December 1958. Published in the day the decree extended the term "juvenile delinquent" in general for all juveniles and criminals, and criminals are allowed to apply all of these mechanisms to any child.

Statistics show that the juvenile justice system copes with the task of reducing the population: children do not become a burden, and the risk to the parents. United Nations Population Fund has forecast: by 2025, the population of southern Europe to be reduced by 8 million people, and the East — 17 million in Germany, where one woman today has 1.3 children, is also waiting for the inevitable decline in the population. Only France, where the nuts are tightened very significantly (from families seized more than 2 million children), waiting for relief, and it is expected some growth. Consequence of fertility decline will be the aging of the population and the increase in the proportion of pensioners, which are unlikely to contain the parents, brought up in a "modern European family tradition" that we have forgotten since Pavlik Morozov.

But it's all in perspective. Meanwhile, the juvenile justice system is being implemented in Ukraine, as always, in strict secrecy. There is a discussion of the project concept, which does not even bother to publish. And that, not our damn business — to know that they are going to do with our children, Ted Turner and his Ukrainian henchmen. In the end, for the juvenile justice system we parents — biological concept, and children — it is public property.

There are rumors that the juvenile justice system will be introduced with us to the end of May. This will be done, again, on the sly, by presidential decree, bypassing the complicated and risky procedure discussion of the bill in parliament. Risky, because we, supporters of traditional family values in this country are still more. As yet.

But if all goes according to plan, then in June, you can attend a social worker who is required to check if you educate your children. As a result, you may encounter a "surprise factor" when social. worker revealed:

  • poor child care (Your son walks in the yard or he comes back from school);
  • signs of beatings (A scratch or bruise on the knee);
  • poor living conditions (you do repairs or live in a rented apartment);
  • immoral behavior of parents (You were in shorts and a T-shirt);
  • insanitary (In your home with a dog or a cat, or were scattered on the floor, toys);
  • Child labor (Mother teaches daughter to wash the dishes);
  • malnutrition (In the refrigerator no set of products, which, according to social services. Employee, should be).

The legal basis for the removal of a child can become an anonymous complaint about the treatment of the child. And do not expect flawless performance of parenting will help you, "stifling parental love" is also a sufficient basis for the forfeiture of your child, because it can "to suppress the development of his personality."

It all sounds so horrible, it's hard to believe in the reality of what is happening. But in Russia, where a law is still under discussion, but the juvenile justice system actually works, a new concern of the state has experienced thousands of families.

Proponents of ideas Ted Turner believes that targeted population decline is the only alternative to war. One of the perennial problems of war — to kill as many enemies. Thus, the Nazi criminals were planning to drastically reduce the number of Polish and Czech peoples, to "clean living space for the Aryan race." Doctors who reins in Buchenwald and Auschwitz mass sterilization experiments, doctors at the Nuremberg trials and sentenced to be hanged, shot and long prison terms. Today, the idea of reducing the apologists of the world population is not considered criminals, on the contrary — it is a worthy and respected members of society. And today we are standing in their way.
This is — the war.


AuthorSergey Dibrov


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