Kaliningrad rescuers organized monitoring flock of swans

Rescuers have organized monitoring flock of swans wintering in the sea channel of Light (Kaliningrad region), in the event the cold birds will be immediately transferred to a warm room, told RIA Novosti the EMERCOM Russia in the region.

Last weekend, the staff of the Office for Civil Defense and Emergencies Kaliningrad rescued a swan which vmerz in the ice of the river Pregel right in the center of the city. Rescuers had to be selected to the bird on the loose ice at the risk of his own life.

A flock of swans — 22 birds of various ages, found Rescuers in Svetly, is in the area of the waterfront. Swans on haggard mind it is clear that they are on the ice for a long time.

Pick up the bird organization called "Baltic Swan", whose leaders have reported that they are ready to place them in Baltiysk where already about two hundred birds. All of them assisted organized meals on a daily basis for around 150 kilograms of grain.

"But, assessing the situation, rescuers decided not to conduct the evacuation of swans, as the Kaliningrad canal still has a polynya, and they feel quite at ease in it. As a result, the birds just flew away at the sight of approaching people," — said .

He stressed that the rescue officers will continue to monitor the reservoir, as the cold weather in the region will grow, and then the birds may still need help.

In recent days, Kaliningradians are increasingly turning to the rescuers to help freezing birds. This is connected with the established abnormal frosts in the region — the night temperature in the Kaliningrad region dropped to minus 21 degrees, well below historical averages.

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