Kazan OKB «Falcon» will create a new drone for $ 180m

Kazan OKB
Kazan Experimental Design Bureau «Falcon» 2020 will develop an air monitoring system using drones cost 180 million dollars. It can be used both in defense and in civilian purposes. According to professionals, the development of «The Eagle» unique to the Russian Federation and will be able to compete on the global market drones, whose volume in the coming four years will amount to 67 billion dollars.
At a joint board of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Industry and Trade on February 5th chapter Kazan Experimental Design Bureau «Falcon» Alexander presented Gomzin management course development complex air monitoring using unmanned aerial vehicles. According to him, in 2020, the company together with the Kazan partners, will develop a unique complex that will include a new drone and an automatic control system. Company since 2011 developing this car commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, winning the state contract for one billion rubles.

New UAV developed the concept of «e-Plane», it will run on diesel engines of ultra fuel. Machine weight of 5.5 tons, length of flight — a 2-day, and the range — 10 thousand kilometers. «We get a complex that will own unique features appanage — price monitoring linear kilometer will be significantly lower than manned aircraft,» — Alexander Gomzin assured.
In Russia, except for the Ministry of Defence tasks, the system of «Eagle» can be used for border patrol and coast radio coverage over the areas of emergency, as in environmental monitoring task, explained RBC Tatarstan Russian professional in the industry of unmanned systems Denis Fedutinov. In addition, UAVs such class may use and commercial companies, for example, for monitoring oil and gas pipelines, high-voltage power lines.
Creating a new aircraft, «Falcon» claims of the global market for unmanned aerial vehicles, which in the period of 2014-2018 years. estimated at 67 billion dollars, said Gomzin. «A market is a lucrative medium drones long duration flight, which is 14 billion dollars,» — said General Director and Chief Designer of the company. 90% of the world market, explained RBC Tatarstan Denis Fedutinov constitute defense orders, the rest — the civilians aviation.
Price of the «Falcon» Gomzin estimated at 180 million dollars and hopes to attract some funds through the federal program from the development of the aviation industry until 2025.

To develop a set of EDO «Falcon» started to work in the form of public-private partnerships, creating together with KAI-KNITU them. Tupolev Engineering Center «KAI-Composite». At its base, and will be conducted’s design and creation of the drone. «Together with KAI, we determined the structure of the equipment, staffing structure. Already developed project documentation, performed construction and installation work, preparation is all-encompassing solutions for industrial applets «- told Alexander Gomzin. According to his calculations, «Falcon» time to create a set of air monitoring system in 2020.

In Russia, the drones are no such class, reads Fedutinov. More close to the project «Eagle» UAV take-off mass of about 1 ton, developed by the St. Petersburg company «Transas» for the Defense Ministry. But this project does not compete, but rather complement the development of Kazan, said the expert. «The world is also quite negligible systems similar dimension. First, it Reaper U.S. company General Atomics and Eitan Israeli company IAI. Also work on UAVs are similar dimension in Europe and China, but the real point, they lag behind the favorites, «- he told RBC Tatarstan.
According views Fedutinova, funds allocated by the state for this project, «rather small for development of this class,» and «Falcon» interested in additional sources of financing. «They may be foreign customers or civilian consumers. But I think that «Eagle» will be easier to get funding from any municipal institutions than by commercial organizations. The project is linked with innovation both from a technical point of view, and in terms of implementation, which involves danger, «- said the expert.

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