Klaskouski: Belarusian official leader of the insured

According to political scientist Alexander Klaskouski can not be called "revelatory" statements concerning Russia Alexander Lukashenko, here it is "padstsilae straw." The situation with the Customs Union of Belarus President "treats very tricky."

"Allegedly, before this Customs Union needs Russia, it's her some games, and allegedly secretly in the Kremlin wanted did not sign these documents. Thus in the mass consciousness of Belarusians laid the thought that if this project will crash and then, they say, is not the fault of Belarus. Belarusian official leader is insured in case if you have to escape from the trap of the customs. "

Lukashenko statements by Klaskouski characterizing the state of the relationship and "polurazobrannom state's geopolitical orientation of the Belarusian leadership."

"If, on the one side, obvious danger that comes from the power of the empire. And with On the other hand, scared off by this energy nipples. "


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