Even those signs which experts will offer the public concerned to determine in its ranks individuals afflicted with theft, give a kleptomaniac difficult, tragic personality, at least for the creative artist or a poet. For example, the chance to be recognized as sick kleptamaniyu is the one who committed the theft of two or more without getting that no material benefit, and has the urge to have a repetition of such acts. As it looks like the poor Belarusian writer who has written two (or more) of the novels without receiving a penny, and sometimes even on the contrary, having paid for the publication of his own pocket — and which thus continues to write and plans to continue the publication of his opus!

Other signs kleptamanii and officially recognized as creative activities will overlap. Here are the stages through which passes a kleptomaniac the attack of his illness: a painful urge to steal, like

Has the urge to have a repetition.

sexual tension before its implementation — and space relief, relaxation after a criminal act … Do not repeat the way they are an artist who he has to take place during the work on the product? But even after the successful completion of the works and the artist, and a kleptomaniac is a feeling of dissatisfaction, a stimulus for further work. Works perfect as perfect thefts do not happen.

Remorse, sweaty palms, samaprynizhenne, a sharp drop in self-esteem after a secret act — all this brings not only a kleptomaniac with a teenager who masturbates, but with depleted musician who falls on the keys in a bowl with a salad and a painter, who gets his head about him supplied unattainable bar, and a writer who has finished the book, but I got a fig. All they know is that they will continue their Exercise, no matter what, and no remorse will not force them to give up art and go to a peaceful and constructive work.

Henry Gray (1825-1861). Anatomy of the Human Body. 1918

And in kleptamanii a lot of points of intersection with the theater. This kleptomaniac coexist in a strange alliance director and actor, stagehand and cloakroom attendants. Kleptomaniac has a natural talent for reincarnation — the law-abiding, honest buyer, one who is not suspicious in the face with eyes clear like water from a clean source. Kleptomaniac able to look at the world through the eyes of a guard kasyra, Administrator, through the eyes of video cameras — and, therefore, it is dissolved in the crowd, he gets nothing and gains everything.

As naysapravdneyshy artist, kleptomaniac rebelling against God, he even has his own personal testament, addressed, however, his unsuccessful counterpart — and it looks like the artist, he is breaking the commandment not to enrich themselves, but to the knowledge of his noble goal, not a kleptomaniac besmirch the names themselves count, carrion payment. The slogan "in the name of identity theft" does not look worse, "Art for art's sake."

All this is rather abstract reasoning, but their unexpected confirmation that gives the German statistics: only a small percentage of shoplifting Germany is committed by those who lack and lives on the brink of poverty.

No remorse will not keep.

The vast majority of thieves — those who could afford to buy a stolen without any serious loss to the budget of its own. Another evidence in favor of that so-calledin a consumer society is alien to anything human, to including and art, great art kleptamanii.

It is the society, by the way, in the person of its scientists have long rejected the term "kleptomaniac" — perhaps through its nepalitkarektnasts. And monomania rejected, the one which suffered the hero of the narrative on "Berenika." It rejected a lot of attention politesse, introducing instead a new definition for an old disease. So, one of them is quite common — the "alternative adoranasts." Why not announce alternatively gifted and kleptomaniac?

Theodore Gericault. Kleptomaniac, 1822

In general, why do they steal? Why is the man whom my mother (even if she was kleptamanka) in childhood so carefully taught not to take someone else's, all the same and takes him from this so well? Do you fraydystav-lovers, there is always an explanation for everything, you have the floor.

Why did they steal?

Kleptomaniac by you — the replacement muted desires, often sexual or kalyaseksualnyh. We can not, and I want to … Sometimes a person wants that society has long carried the rank is strictly forbidden in, taboo. And in order to satisfy their desire antisocial, people looking for some kind of more or less innocuous change their black plans — incest, say, or the murder of a sexual nature, or the brutal sadomasochism at all — lust to possess or to obey. Looking for opportunities to do something forbidden, for which he was not pat, of course, on the head, but not with the herd hunt. Thank you, gentlemen fraydysty you any work without results explain the desire to fuck anyone. Until next time.

Others call kleptamaniyu revalyutsyynastsi spontaneous manifestation, a protest against society. Not being able to turn off the system, oriented to the full, daily, continuous consumption of deified, the individual resists in this way, becoming a kleptomaniac, trying to undermine the system from within, to make it meaningless. But the system seems to be all the same. Kleptomaniac included in it as a required element, as the inevitable cost of its own depreciation.

As well as the secrets of creativity sometimes try to explain, digging in the brains of artists and art kleptamanii some reduced to a purely physiological processes. Like, during the act of theft in the body is released kleptomaniac

Happiness is to steal and throw it away.

the so-called hormone of happiness — he controls everything slavish dependence on it, and should. Well, perhaps fizielyagi're right. Not for nothing, apparently, a shopping center near the street where I once lived in Minsk, called "Happiness." Happiness is really there, I've seen it among the various brilliant rags, like jeans with rhinestones and Maytak with ostriches. Happiness is to have the happiness of having something to sell, for the happiness of having to buy. Happiness is to steal and throw it away.

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