Kosovo Serbs attacked NATO peacekeepers

In the north Kosovo June 1, there were clashes between Serbian population and NATO peacekeepers, reported Agence France-Presse. As a result, one soldier and three local residents were injured.

The reason for the incident was the decision by coalition forces for control Kosovo (KFOR) To dismantle the barricades in the village Rudar by which local population let the arrival to the city of Kosovo-Albanian police. To parse the barricades in the village were oriented 150 troops.

As the official dealer KFOR, One fighter, the Yankees were injured "during the surgery to remove the barricades." Minister for Kosovo Oliver Ivanovic Serbian government said that three Kosovo Serbs were injured when soldiers used against the defenders of the barricades tear gas and rubber bullets.

As reported by Associated Press, to remove the barricades and roadblocks peacekeepers also used armored vehicles. In KFOR stated that the barrier to disrupt the movement of the population, and peacekeeping forces.

According to the Serbian edition of "Politics Online", at the present time the situation in the region has stabilized Rudar, bridges and roads are under the control of the KFOR.

The clashes between the local population and peacekeepers in place Kosovo frequently. The last big attack on a NATO checkpoint was published in July 2011.

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