Kovalenko: I will fast until victory is not on my side

Vitebsk CCP BPF activist on hunger strike to protest against the illegal, in his opinion, arrests and court cases. He began a hunger strike on July 9 while in custody in the detention center.

Today Sergei Kovalenko, which is already the fifth day of a hunger strike, custody were brought to the October district court, where it was scheduled to have his claim against the newspaper "Vitbichi" and chairman of the executive committee of Victor Nikolaikin.

After asking to use the phone of one of those present in the court, an activist only now able to report on hunger strike, which seems to have given him a hard time:

It is a protest. From the very first day …

"This is a protest. From the very first day. Against the conditions of detention, harassment and the fact that I was sentenced to three years. And I will go hungry while I was freed."

Sergei Kovalenko did not specify which exemption in question. In the detention center he left to serve 5 days — to address Pershamaiski police station, he was placed in custody for 10 days on July 9. The official reason — violation of probation. Three years of "conditional" — that is, without the content in prison — Sergei Kovalenko awarded for hanging a flag on the city's main Christmas tree and disobeying police during his arrest on January 7.

Violation of the home was late. The police made the report that he returned home later the 21st hour. Mother activist Lidia Kovalenko says that the breach was caused — police attended, when Sergei return, and simply would not let him in the road, until he reached the control time.

Relatives fear that the registered violations may result in a change of punishment for Sergei Kovalenko: instead of the conditional award he can "chemistry" or even imprisonment. The younger brother of activist Vitaly Kovalenko, sure that afterdnie times Sergei detained on trumped-up reasons:

Vitaly Kovalenko

"He was tried for disorderly conduct and detained usually on the eve of the holidays. Before 9th May so it was, before the 3rd of July and now the front of the" Slavonic Bazaar. "All this flimsy charges, harassment and psychological pressure, I think so. Because afraid of his shares — with a white-red-white flags, I think so. 'Cause and delay. "

Vitaly Kovalenko, like his brother, is also detained on the eve of celebrations. Just last night, he came out of the detention center, where he was serving five days in jail for allegedly using foul language in a public place.

In the same accused and Sergei Kovalenko. But today, he was summoned to the district court in October for another reason: the activist himself initiated trial about the fact that in the local newspaper "Vitbichi" on January 12 published an article "To bad, when we feel good." According to Sergei Kovalenko, the article contained defamatory information. It appeared in the press just after the meeting in the executive committee, where the chairman Viktor Nikolaikin discussed with journalists act activist who posted the white-red-white flag on the city during the New Year party representation in Victory Square.

Today in court Sergei Kovalenko said that he needed to hire the lawyer and the process was postponed to the 23rd of July.


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