Krasnoyarsk krai will electronic register geeks

Semiklassnitsy Arina with the utmost seriousness tells of a certain archetype of Baba Yaga. What it is, not all adults know. Arina and Dasha prepared to educate the six sub-types or prototypes of this fabulous hero: Yaga was a healer and even myslitelnitsey. On his study girls spent the whole year, reached the final of the exhibition-competition "Step into the future." It has long been managing their own portfolio.

What is currently in the region of gifted children — a statistic no one ever did. Only the school space in Zheleznogorsk has a similar rating, which is now 16,000 names. Next year, the regional authorities have decided to radically change the situation and draw up a common database geniuses. Because many of them are capable of, for example, the theorem of Napoleon reprove it to become clear even classmates Losers.

Well, two beginners Achinsk physics demonstrated that any fruit or vegetable can be a battery for flashlight, a kettle or even a cell phone. An orange electronic home hours worked for two hours. And so, that such talents are not lost in the SFU is a special physical and mathematical school. This is a special wish Governor Lev Kuznetsov, he even terms agreed — school is to create a new school year. First elected to the database will include all the winners of school competitions.

The "Gifted Children" will start in January next year. It is designed for three years. Officials are going to spend a considerable amount of geeks — 200 million rubles, more than half of which are scheduled to travel only guys on the All-Russia competition and international conferences.

In addition to the category of intellectuals "gifted" has ranked talented athletes, musicians and artists. For them and their parents on the edge of the open ten centers in which children will be engaged, adults — to be consulted.

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