Lake Nakuru

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Rest, Lake Nakuru, Africa.

In East Africa, you can find many beautiful and amazing places. That only is Mount Kilimanjaro or the famous national park called "Masai Mara". However, the continued popularity enjoyed an amazing lake in the Rift Valley. This — Nakuru, which is located 160 kilometers from the Kenyan city of Nairobi.

Dimensions of this amazing body of water are stunning. In the dry season the lake is 5 m. km. But in the rainy season it is immediately increased by 9 times. However, attracts tourists Nakuru is not its size. It is here that contain a large number of pink flamingos. It happens that at the same time on the lake you can see up to a half million of these birds. Breathtaking sight as they soar skyward.

Living on the lake flamingos for a reason. They are attracted by the algae that grow in abundance that. Feed on them and other birds that live on the Nakuru. They are there about 400 species. This is such a rare bird, a hammer cop, and white-screamer, and even kaffir eagle. It is here live a very rare and unique white rhinos. They walk along the coast and having fun posing for tourist. At the edge of the lake you can even see the giraffes, antelopes, and sometimes even leopards and lions.


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