Lakes of Mars

Is there a Life on Mars — This question is asked by people all over the world for a long time, but the answer was not found. Perhaps Curiosity rover mission will shed light on this mystery. But it is not all that bad, has long been known that on the red planet existed oceans, rivers and lakes, the colossal dimensions. On a lake in the valley Shalbatana and will be discussed in this article.

In the end of the article, see 2 movies devoted to Mars and possible life on it.

Scientists at the University of Colorado were able to discern in the photo of the Martian surface lake shore. The photos were taken with the camera HiRISE, which allows to distinguish objects as small as one meter. Scientists have found traces of rivers flowing into the pond once, the bed of which was cut shoreline of the lake.

The area of the lake was about two hundred square miles., And its depth was more than 450 meters. Dried-up lake is situated in a valley Shalbatana. By analysis of geological rocks that form the bottom and shores of the lake, the scientists were able to estimate its approximate age. Based on preliminary estimates, it was formed more than three billion years ago, when Mars under current concepts already developed into a dry and cool the planet. It happened more than three c-half billion years ago, after a very early epoch in its history.

Prior to this period, more than four billion years ago, the planet Mars was warm and wet, but as a result of strong large meteorite bombardment, it has lost much of the atmosphere and into a dry and cold desert. According to geological data, the lake, found in the valley Shalbatana, dried out quickly enough, because new coastline did not have time to form. The authors of the study believe that the lake dried up, found them, should be a candidate for landing unmanned spacecraft, whose task will be to find traces of life on Mars.

Researcher at the University of Colorado, Geta Di Achille, who led the work said — "Delta lakes and rivers of the earth are an excellent source of data on historical forms of life, as it may well be preserved traces of most of the biological samples. If there ever was life on Mars, then surely the delta lakes and rivers have been one of the more likely it shelters. "


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