Land in contaminated regions will be returned to economic use

Draft state program to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, calculated for the period 2011-2015 and for the period up to 2020 will require raising funds in the amount of 6.6 trillion rubles.

This was stated by Minister of Emergencies of Belarus Enver Bariev at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of Belarus, introducing the draft state program.

"We need to educate radyelyagichnuyu gramatnasts citizens and create an adequate attitude to the contaminated areas of the country's population and the international community" — said E.Bariev, Interfax reports.

The minister said that in general, the program will "reclaim the territory and the population to a normal life with a minimum limit on the radiation factor."

According to the program is provided to ensure the further growth of production, use of forest resources in the affected areas. It is also planned to intensify the return to economic use of land taken out of circulation, BelTA informs.

Of the most polluted towns in Gomel and Mogilev regions resettled 137.7 thousand inhabitants. About 1.3 million people receive benefits and compensated.



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