Leakage effects at NLMK will be clear after asking for amounts of a

Leakage effects of benzene for people and nature to JSC "Novolipetsk Steel" will be clear after ascertaining the exact amount of emission of this highly toxic substance, RIA Novosti said the program director of Greenpeace Russia, Ivan Block.

"Benzene is toxic and is a strong carcinogen 2-hazard class. It can bring great harm to the very person as a serious impact on the nervous system. But it all depends on the number of substances introduced into the environment, and to determine the consequences of this volume must be accurately know "- he said, noting that areas exposed to benzene, to remove people.

On Friday, the coke production plant in Lipetsk was a case of poisoning crude benzene vapors that caused the death of two workers of the plant — foreman Michael Zherebtsova born in 1980 and apparatchik Oleg Gospodarikova 1974. Two other workers were poisoned — apparatchik distillation Evgeny Kotelnikov (condition is severe) and Senior Master Vladimir Sadovnichy (mild poisoning) — delivered to the regional clinical hospital № 1.

The tragedy occurred in the course of operations to drain crude benzene from the tank to the store. Presumably due to faulty internal valve tank occurred Strait of benzene, which has led to the poisoning of employees who were under the tank. Accident investigation conducted by special commission, the company said.

NLMK is one of the world's largest companies for the production of steel and steel products. NLMK enterprise located in Russia, the EU and the U.S.. In 2012, the company increased its steel production by 24.7% — to 14.9 million tons.

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