Leakage from China: an orbiting satellite Change found artificial structures on the surface of the moon?

Chinese lunar satellite Chang'e-2 is an unmanned lunar probe and launched October 1, 2010 as the successor of the lunar probe Chang'e-1. Examiner edition is a photo where clearly visible buildings and structures on the surface of the moon, which are clearly artificial.


Canadian edition agoracosmopolitan.com resulting data and video of Alex Collier, who is known for that retells the message coming from space from aliens.

He states that also received the first pictures of friends from China. He says:

Chinese lunar mission "Chang'e-2? Began sending the first images:" I got a few photos from a source that says China will issue a copy images from Chang'e-2, which clearly show the presence of buildings and structures on the surface of the moon. "
Alex Collier suggests that "The study of Chinese, apparently, will be devoted to the apparent presence of a military base on the Moon."

According agoracosmopolitan.com, photos confirm this assumption Alex Collier, that the aliens and some "human" elite travel to the moon.

Alex Collier says that the moon, which orbits the Earth, was brought more than 11,000 years ago, as a result of extraterrestrial technology. According to the researcher, the aliens are hiding under the surface, and the satellite, perhaps, is something like a giant UFO. "

Recall that recently the European Space Agency has acknowledged that Phobos, a satellite of Mars, as an artificial body.

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