Lightning nearly burned the refinery in Mozyr

The rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations prevented a number of accidents caused by hot weather in Belarus. This was announced by Minister Enver Bariev on the occasion of the fire service, which is celebrated on July 25.

Of all the most dangerous accidents happened at the refinery in Mozyr. Prevented the tragedy of professional work rescue officers told Enver Bariev:

"Such an eloquent case occurred last week at the Mozyr oil refineries as a result of lightning patraplyannya the tank volume of 10 thousand cubic meters this tank caught fire. A fire park petroleum products — a problem around the world from the point of view of fire, and there is currently no technology that solves this problem. However, with the help of rescuers, the fire within 30 minutes has been eliminated. "

Also last week, the heat was a failure in a number of substations in the Gomel region. As a result, remained without power homes and businesses, including hospitals, says Enver Bariin:

"Technology does not stand the heat. Example, was the situation when the electricity was cut off in the offices where shortages of electricity should not be. But we have portable generators, and we have provided electricity for a while, was restored until the source of the income" .

According to Enver Baryev, The Ministry of Emergency Situations helps enterprises of agriculture in the harvest, including staff: some rescue workers taking leave and this time perakvalifikovvayutstsa to combine. MOE also patrol helicopter forests and peatlands, and even encourages citizens to be cautious on the nature of the fire:

"With the current weather conditions it is not necessary to visit the forest, build a fire, especially in peatlands. We have 20% of the territory — peat bogs, and neither MES nor the Ministry of Natural Resources is not able to solve this problem without the participation of every individual and society as a whole."


Bariev, heat

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