Line Lizury


In the Old Roads I have come to speak to students, to introduce children to the genre of art song. As a local historian fee Starodorozhski Vitaly Jurevich I promised a few liters of local pervachka. You understand that such an offer impossible to refuse.

Vitali"This is quite an upmarket product. Usually Starodorozhski moonshine served at the table for the sake of good guests. Our terrain is in the woods. And it allows you to take good quality. Forest, less can catch a partisan. "

Vitali even introduced me to one of the main bravarnikav. Senior citizens, who Starodorozhski recipe brewing tea from stores if not great-grandfathers. And not receiving vulgar words "moonshine."

Reporter"And there's always this drink called" vodka "?

Old"Vodka. "Moonshine" has gone then. Kondrat from Nettles, of poetry, of criticism. And since time immemorial was vodka. Opened the Palace of Culture, Babkin arrived. Not in this case. Who would not come to us, we are always treated. But it was his vodka Starodorozhski. Was not considered … I stress Starodorozhski, clean grain. And not the one they made on the railways of sugar for profit. Because selling bread — fly out of the chimney. Time-consuming process. "

But the big surprise was waiting for me to come. Wandering through the old road, Vitaly took me to the street Ostrovsky. Where on one of the houses adorned huge sign "Line Lizury." On the national master woodcarver Igor Lizuru I've heard more than once. And by Vladimir Orlov, and from Gleb Lobodenko, and from many others. But another thing — to see that "line" with his own eyes. Fantasy, humor and magical hands owner of the estate made a miracle. On the "Line Lizury" you instantly turn into a child who can not stop watching the unusual toys. Here Belarusian mythology and characters,

here and warriors of all time,

here and sculptures of everyday scenes of life today.

Each composition can be considered infinite, because all the details, from buttons to facial expressions, executed perfectly. Honest to God, "Stalin Line" with your real tanks lean over the terracotta army Lizury.

Igor"Now I have this one song," Afghanistan. " They're coming spooks, Marines strapped, mule sits with a rifle, the wife of a veil, and the spooks go guard. A caravan. "

Reporter"Where brave Soviet soldiers?"

Igor"Suspended. In the vests. They were taken prisoner. In captivity, the poor have taken. "

Lizuravy images of people — it's not small classical sculpture, but rather wicked parodies and caricatures of famous figures. They resemble cartoon dolls. Especially impressive tall ships, where at first did not even give me faith that strained sails are also made of wood.

My attention was drawn figures of hockey players.

Moustached men glancing sadly out of hockey helmets. The book reviews have sweeping autograph of Alexander Lukashenko.

"Thank you so much for the children you taught his craft." The author answered below.

Reporter"Listen, and Alexander G. was with you?"

Igor"At home, it was not. If Palace opened, I was forced to stand with their works. And like unto them. "

Reporter"And he did not see the players?"

Igor"No, he did not see himself. During this article I wrote in the local newspaper, district authorities for a long time was not welcome with me."

Reporter"What is it?"

Igor"Well written, as they instructed me — wait, hands at his sides. And, behold, Lukashenko flourish. He was told that the children I taught. "Thank you for remeslu children learn." How would the president take his autograph book reviews? They will clean me this book, and I'm back. So three times. In the end I took this autograph. "

At the courtesy and banal journalistic question I got an answer from the master in the style of Russian writer Sergei Dovlatova.

Reporter"You are a child in this business not doing. An adult, at age 33 came from. And that pushed? "

Igor"I served in the army, in Asipovichy, and when served, officers say to me:" You'd cut out, and saw in Volgograd, a panopticon, the hand of such a torch? "I say," I saw. " — "Are you in a fig can cut?" — "Why?" — "Well, engrave, we need to." And the chief of the base was just a birthday. And now he comes to aperatyvku, and his fig is on the table. He was furious that I gave him a fig expressions. I say "ask". "Well, then — he says — will be souvenirs to do." Who is Don Quixote who Shveyka. And off. And in the 75th, he came here. "Pesniary" expressions. They were still young. Here Mulyavin young, that's Bortkevych ".

Reporter"Here Kasheparov worth it."

Igor"They came once the new" Pesnyary. " Mulyavin was still alive. "Mulyavin Me!" — "Let your self, I'll give him. Put the bottle, songs Sleeping. And now "Pesniary" divorced. And here it is — the "father" with his son. The honor of giving. "


Igor"Why do bullies? I saw on TV. But the "father" with me. As I entrust him to present at the opening of our Palace of Culture. He would not take offense, it seems, a man with a sense of humor. "

Reporter"Why are you so attracted to Alexander Grigoryevich?"

Igor"I met him, he gave me a gift."

Looking at Lizuravyh "Lukashenok" made without a shadow of irony, I would place the first president would order the special master. After a wooden "Lukashenko" looks much more human and sympathetic portraits of state-owned, which inundated bookstores.

A special place in the collection belongs to Lizuravay chess. I was lucky enough to see chess on the Russian revolution, where the black king Lenin and Krupskaya black queen resist Nicholas II and Empress.

Also admiration aroused chess on the war.

Igor"That's the Queen" Kremlin ", but Queen" Reichstag ". Here Stalin wi
th a pipe, the king, but Hitler. Horses — "Katyusha" stylized. And in their "V". Concentration camp towers are the same. What do they have that we have. These chess. From the Ministry of Culture took my chess and taken to Vienna in the 89th. And there was a place for artistic salty. Chess took from me — "Do you want to go to Paris?" — "I want to." — "Give us a chess set, and six works in Paris svozit." And because of these chess Paris saw. "

I was most surprised that the "Line Lizury" done the efforts of one man. You can imagine that this would have a master, if he had lived in the same Poland. Minimum his gallery. The word local historian Vitaly Yurevich.

Vitali"Lizura — a very talented man. As far as I know, his works are popular among Belarusian cultural figures. And Victor Astafev known author of "Tsar fish" also ordered him something. His works are a success. In many countries, there is his work. "

Reporter"What kind of relationship do you have with the district department of culture?"

Igor"None. So I did an exhibition, advertisement hanging. No one even stopped by any of the editorial board, or with the Department of Culture — ask, what is there for the "Line Lizury" is that? Well in the courtyard and began to show. Announcement hang, and who wants to — come take a look. "

Reporter"Your work brings a profit?"

Igor"In the old road is not particularly razgonissya. Hundred dollars that will earn twice a year. So, suvenirchyki do on the bottle on the top ten. Lukashenok these. "

The most amazing product Lizuravay collection — "Chernobyl in 2086." Then hand the Belarusian painter Francisco Goya's muse led. The two-headed scary mutant wild-eyed.


"Two heads, four arms,
hooves instead of feet.
That radiation mutyry
done, God, and not you.

Such us a hundred years to see
the scientific world, if not lying.
And the face of a very unusual
expects brothers-in Belarus.

The heads may be biting
and look in different directions.
One to Russia will be torn,
the second — to Westerners. "


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