Lithuanian historians: The rumor of the Battle of Grunwald — a legacy of the Soviet era

Battle of Grunwald, which took place 600 years ago, and the word Grünwald (in Lithuanian — Zalgiris) still remain a symbol of litovskastsi. However, the current understanding of Lithuania in this historical event is the legacy of the Soviet era, although even then the society observed anti-Soviet sentiment.

According to historians, the myth of Grunwald before the Second World War, in the minds of the Lithuanians did not function, and only in the Soviet era Battle of Grunwald was the major event of medieval history, although through it and tried to impose the image of the German people as the enemy, which has directly related to the medieval crusaders.

"By 1910, when Krakow was celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, and after Grunwald in Lithuanian consciousness hardly existed until the beginning of the war, as in the XIX century., So in the interwar time Lithuanian historical consciousness had an anti-Polish and mention the event, where the Lithuanians fought with the Poles, it was difficult.

It is quite another thing to Vytautas — 1930 was the culmination of the cult of Vytautas the Great, the highest point of the Assumption of the Lithuanian state.

Grunwald in Lithuanian consciousness almost non-existent until the Second World War.

In Soviet times, on the contrary, tried to downplay the significance of Vytautas and outshine all the Grunwald battle, "- said on Monday in a discussion organized by the agency ELTA, historian Darus Stalyunas.

Agreeing with his colleague, the historian al'vidas Nikzhantaytsis adds that the Battle of Grunwald until the twentieth century. was part of the national myth of Vitovt and there was only emphasize Vitovtova military capabilities.

"If we are talking about Grunwald and Vytautas, there is a clear hierarchy: Vytautas — a hero, and Grunwald — a tool that hero. During the Soviet era were trying to give Vytautas oblivion and create an anti-Western, antyimperyyalistychny myth Grunwald. Perceptions of Grunwald tradition to such an extent that we have now — it is nothing like the legacy of the Soviet era. Maybe it sounds a little hard (it is necessary to take into account the earlier tradition of Battle of Grunwald), but the function of the Battle of Grunwald is important because it was imposed on us in the Soviet era, " — says A.Nikzhantaytsis.

Historians remind us that in Soviet times, the Battle of Grunwald is the central historical event — the first of 1939 in Soviet Russia began to spread new interpretation, according to which there was a direct link between the German Order and Nazi Germany, and the Germans — the perennial enemies of the fraternal peoples of Ally.

"However, this does not mean that society has adopted just such an interpretation, because it is not allowed to make a healthy mind. Parallel with the Soviet formed, partly spontaneous, partly — in the academic community, a different interpretation of the Battle of Grunwald

In parallel with the Soviet formed a different interpretation of the Battle of Grunwald.

which, as the legacy of the Soviet era, nonetheless not a Soviet one. Name Grunewald (Zalgiris) were partisans, Soviet collective farms, furniture, alcoholic beverages, sports club, street, steam, etc., but these names for us to become their own, they are not substantially related to the Battle of Grunwald and have her little total. They start to operate as independent entities, the Lithuanian, the idea of our individual and even independence. Tips let you use this terminology, putting it alone content, and society — another even anti-Soviet "- says D.Stalyunas.

According to historians, the Battle of Grunwald, as well as other historical events, the Lithuanians have a lot of off-based views.

"The Battle of Grunwald was the beginning peragrupavannya forces in favor of Poland and Lithuania, and nothing more. If you try to answer the question — what caused it peragrupavanne forces and the rise of Lithuania and Poland, it was the financial crisis of the German Order, as to the German Order of Battle of Grunwald was one of the few states that have once the budget, and therefore could hire mercenaries, and to lend money to others.

This date is important for partyyatychnaga education.

The Battle of Grunwald is important, not the fact that it involved a lot of people — 70,000 figure is overstated, because we know that on the side of namyatskim killed two knights. You may need to reduce that number to 20,000. However, the outcome of the Battle of Grunwald is not defined peragrupavanne forces, and later of the contract and the Order of the German war bonds — those horrible times the amount. The Germans were forced to pay war reparations, and it finally ran out of order. And this fact is more important than victory in the Battle of Grunwald "- says historian medyevist A.Nikzhantaytsis.

Historians say about one of the greatest propaganda campaigns, because it was important, not only the victory in the Battle of Grunwald, but also how it will be perceived in other countries.

"This propaganda campaign began just before the Battle of Grunwald, but especially active after her. Probably already in the fifteenth century

Grunwald — a symbol of unification of different nations.

purposes of propaganda influence on others, and began to talk about the huge loss, although it is well known that in a few years after Grunwald Lithuanian and Polish army once again planning and preparing large campaigns against other neighbors, "- says A.Nikzhantaytsis.

Exploring the facts about the Battle of Grunwald and the origin of the myth, historians agree that this event and its 600-year anniversary in Lithuania should be celebrated, perhaps even wider, than now, and this date is important for partyyatychnaga education. Besides the Battle of Grunwald, also known as the battle of nations is increasingly becoming a symbol of the union of different peoples.

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