Love at first sight — the memory of the past?

October 29, 2012 0:35

Love — the most mysterious of the feelings of humans. At all times, philosophers, writers, and even the doctors were trying to know its nature. Even more puzzling phenomenon is a love at first sight.

This seems incredible. People see each other for the first time, but they think they know all my life. Just met — and immediately became so family and friends! And no matter what their social status, character, nationality, age may be quite different. No logic and calculation does not apply here.

Everything happens at the level of intuition. Those who were lucky enough to experience that feeling, compare it with the mystical insight, insight. accompanied with full confidence that this man — your destiny, my own soul, a part of, and without it life loses meaning. And let outsiders sometimes unclear what is happening. But these two are known to have found each other, and nothing they do not need, just to be together.

Another distinctive feature of love at first sight is that people do not have months to wait for years and seek empathy for — an attraction occurs immediately and mutually. The feelings one experiences the same and the other.

Happy Together

Bill Clinton and his wife-to-Heal Gel, then a student, first saw each other at Yale, literally froze. It is not known how long it lasted, but finally. Hillary uttered the phrase that became famous later: "If you're going to look at me, and I — you, we should meet. I'm Hillary Rodham. Spouses Bill and Hillary have been together for more than 36 years.

Love at first sight erupted between David Beckham and Victoria Adams. Legendary footballer met his future wife, member of the group Spice Girls, one of the football games. 8 of his book, "Both feet on the ground," David wrote about a meeting with Victoria: "I immediately felt that we were created to be together."
When Michael Douglas met Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Film Festival in France, immediately announced that he would be the father of her children. Actress also admitted in the interview that immediately fell in love with her future husband, despite the great difference in age. Since then, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones happy together and two children.

Marina Vlady on acquaintance with Vladimir Vysotsky, said in his book, "Vladimir, or Interrupted flight-" He sits down opposite approach … and no longer drives at me. His silence does not restrict me, we look at each other as if always knew. " It is surprising that the first words spoken by Vysotsky eight that evening were:-At last I met you.

Natalia Podolsky met with Vladimir Presnyakov on set program "The Great Race-. In an interview, the singer told, "It was love at first sight. An inner voice told me, "This is your future husband. And it did. "

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, and Tamara Magomayev Sinyavskaya. Rodion Shchedrin and Maya Plisetskaya, MettDeymon and Luciana Damon, Vladislav Doronin and Naomi Campbell … It is impossible to list all of whose stories dating marked by love at first sight. What happens in these moments?

The three versions

There are several theories that explain this phenomenon. The first version — psychological. Specialists believe that the cause of love at first sight is hiding in a particular emotional state. The famous Russian psychologist Nikolai Kozlov calls this state predvlyublennostyu, or willingness to love and be loved. For example, there is a girl in the city, around Vesma, her romantic mood, and he meet her. Eyes met. And love flares. Although psychologists suggest that this is not love, but only illusions and dreams, fantasies.

The second version — physiological. It is known that our bodies secrete specific volatile substances — pheromones. It was the smell affects hormone amphetamine that could cause our bodies this amorous passion. So, our subconscious with olfactory function finds among many others the most appropriate for us to biochemical parameters of the object, so to speak, and our mate.

Finally, the most common and is of particular interest — a mystical version. According to this version, the encounter between two people who love more than predetermined, even before they are born. It is no accident there is an expression that marriage be heard by the heavens. One legend has it that shortly before the birth of each person and indicate the angels gather, with whom he was destined to meet in the future. And people, obeying a vague recollection of deep, get to know each other.

Research by Dr. Michael Newton

Perhaps the most striking argument for the mystical version are the works of the American scholar Michael Newton, is not based on the legends and assumptions, and on the real scientific experience.
Dr. Michael Newton, a certified hypnotherapist with 45 years of experience, over the years, patients were treated regressive hypnosis.

The goal: to awaken memories of people that made them soul between physical incarnations. Gained scientific experience he recounted in his book, written in the form of conversations with patients. These records reveal the features of life in an unknown area to us.

The scientist was found that before each new birth, we meet in the spirit world with our kindred spirits, as well as those who later will have a profound impact on our lives. Especially for the main soul mate. Perhaps we have already met in previous lives and were in a relationship. The memory of past meetings again draws us to each other. Before heading to the ground from the world inhabited by the soul, loving partners agree in advance how they will get to know each other. Levers memory here are the some markings.

They may be different inconspicuous at first glance, little things: perfume, some jewelry, clothing, manner of speaking … One of the patients, which Dr. Newton method of regressive hypnosis entered a trance and told that he had to know his future wife on the original silver pendant on neck and calls as a bell, laughter, and she had had to think for big ears and discomfort during their first dance.

In connection with this curious love story of supermodel Heidi Klum and British musician Force. The couple met in the lobby of a hotel in New York. Heidi said her future husband when he came out of the gym. -I was shocked. — She said later in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. — I looked at his gym shorts and first went to learn. "

Love at first sight — an awakening memory of past meetings, the sacred moment of recognition own soul, which will fill our lives with new meaning, regardless of the length of the relationship.
Perhaps those readers who have already found their pair can recall signs, passwords during the first meeting that helped them get to know each other.

Of course, is that for some reason we did not respond to an important meeting, do not recognize the secret signs. Then fate, according to Dr. Newton, is accidentally push us over and over again.

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