Lukashenko does not believe in a single opposition candidate in the presidential election

Alexander Lukashenko doubts that the Belarusian opposition to nominate a single candidate for the upcoming presidential elections.

"Hope they (the opposition — Interfax) identify a single candidate — Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov — and" strangle "the current president — is deceptive," — told reporters Alexander Lukashenko Friday, during a working trip to the Gomel region.

"As for these politicians (the opposition — Interfax) — would seem to define two, well — the three candidates, but not 10. But they can not decide, "- said Lukashenko.

Speaking about the likelihood of their participation in the election, Lukashenko admitted: "To be honest, I'm not very involved in this (election — IF) processes. We have not thought about what must be headquarters, and on other issues. "


Lukashenko, the opposition

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