Lukashenko: I can not afford to be in front of them on their knees


During a trip to the Gomel region Alexander Lukashenko promised by the end of the year the average salary is $ 500 and spoke about relations with Russia and Europe. (Quoted by state news agency BelTA news)

About the EU program "Eastern Partnership"

  • "Do not feed the extra illusions and hopes for the" Eastern Partnership. "We must rely on ourselves and on our own strength."
  • "We did not ask there. We suggested why we balk and refuse?"
  • "Already have reached the point that, well, change electoral law. What does this have to do with "Eastern Partnership? Us, and so the European Union with the Americans constantly these requirements pose. Now, probably, and Russia will join it, although most problems there through the roof."

On relations with Russia

  • "Today, he continues, is the pressure. They expect that we will survive this blow, and thus they begin to respond. But I am categorically opposed to them we responded in kind. After all, we are one people with the Russians, we feel the soul of the Russian people and understands what's going on on actually . "
  • "This is not organized by the media, it orders" from there. "I know who gives these commands, who controls these processes."
  • "We are ready to share with the Russian man last piece of bread."
  • "It turns out that in Europe, gas costs $ 154, and for us," Gazprom allocates a price of $ 220. And always yield from "Gazprom" on gas deliveries to Belarus was higher than in Germany. "
  • "If you bow down, get on your knees — do not go up, all my life, and we will urge, as it used to be. So I can not afford to be in front of them on their knees and forehead to knock on the Kremlin wall."
  • "We have a coalition with Georgia against someone not create."
  • "I am more and more convinced that Russia is building its policy to intimidate not only the closest of its partners, but also distant. Like, we'll show you here. As you know, the world has changed — today, no one no one" will show. "

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