Lukashenko praised the company Riko

Belarus is ready to cooperate with the Slovenian company "Riko" "for any project on a commercial, market-based."

This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with the leadership of the company.

He noted that the Slovenian company sent a "more specific" letter, which outlined its proposals for cooperation with Belarus.

"I was interested in all points of your suggestions, and we are ready to work on all counts."

The President of Belarus said more than over ten years of work in Belarus company "Riko" has established itself as a reliable and honest partner. With its direct involvement, "We are working in the field of woodworking, converted our company, our flagship machine and machine." The company also invests in the social sector in Belarus.

"We know the quality of your work, there is only the price."

Like, if the price offered by "Riko" would be more favorable for Belarus compared with competitors Slovenian company, Belarus "will go to your suggestions." In this case, all the solutions will be taken in the short term. Belarus has an interest in projects in the field of environment, energy and infrastructure.

"I am very interested in the proposal for joint exports to third countries," — said the president of Belarus.


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