Magic women’s hair

Hair ancient times was considered agents of the life force ("beard" from the word "space"). In the Hindu tradition, the hair symbolized the "lines of force" of the universe. Old Russian beauties were proud of their long braids.

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It was believed that the thicker and stronger hair, the more the power of their owner, the stronger his spirit (not for nothing that the hero Samson, the Old Testament hero, wore long braids). In ancient times, combing and hair care were of special magic ritual.

In Germany, those who vowed revenge, do not cut their hair. It was believed that because they can save power and become physically invulnerable.
Cutting the hair is always considered a bad sign, associated with the loss of vital energy. Haircuts also not welcomed. For example, in Ireland, a short haircut was regarded as the owner of her relationship with evil spirits.

Indian Brahmins and Buddhist monks shave their heads to ritually sacrifice their hair to God as a part of himself.

Until now, there is a sign that you can not throw away the hair after a haircut, or you may bring illness and misfortune. Cropped hair supposed to burn, to keep under the threshold of the house or in the hollow of an old tree. Often the hair of loved ones stored in caskets and subsequently made them amulets.

By licentious hair could "hang on" bad energy, so the braided tresses, hair tied up in a "protective" node, wore hats. When a Russian woman married, she had to cover his head with a handkerchief, not to bring misfortune to her husband and his relatives. Get out of the house to the street with a "bare" head was considered impermissible until the beginning of the XX century. In the vernacular, even preserved the phrase "goof" — failed, deceived.

Hair color in the mystical tradition, too, has always paid special attention to. White hair symbolized purity and immortality. In the dark-haired women betrayed witches and witches, red ranked as a ho. Red hair color indicates strong energy.
Anyway, about the mystical power of hair say many superstitions and myths.

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