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In the world there is now a flood of information. By almost every person falls a sea of information from politicians, analysts, religious and community leaders, nationalists, and fascists, writers, scientists, magicians, of insiders and aliens. How not to drown in this sea?

To maintain sanity, we must pay attention to the main news source Live — Jarilo-Sun, and make it a priority over the others. Of course, you need to have a spiritual awakening, to see and understand the living consciousness of the sun, and do not take it as the brightest bulb and very warm heating pad.

The sun out of your Divine Body has created all the planets in the solar system and have occupied their varied life. Using the Earth as a mother's womb, his ardent sun masculine spawned all of the beauty of nature and intelligent life — Man and Dolphin. And every day the sun caresses us with warmth and light, passing the Divine News every living organism, according to its degree of evolution. Grass, trees, birds and bears are very well aware of News from the Sun, but with a man immersed in an artificial world, the problems began.

Today the Sun for obvious example teach people unconditional love, warmth and endless Heart of Joy. Sun — is the visible God's heart that beats in unison with the universe, and who is willing and able to set your heart to the rhythm of the sun, will live in the brave new world. Other people, circular on bodily pleasures and troubles, can be washed away with garbage technocratic world in history.

The sun is the main habitat of the Earth all the Vedas and other planets in the solar system. These Vedas are always updated in accordance with changes in the solar system and the Universe, and therefore all of the books, frozen on paper, can not be compared with the eternally youthful wisdom sunlight.
More and more people are beginning to understand Solar News and apply the message of his life — these people are switching to a raw food diet, plant trees, find love and give birth to healthy children. In addition to global news, designed for all human life, the sun each morning sends relevant information is today — the regime of the day, the good works that man can commit, and so on …

Preserved Old Slavic practice of looking at the sun and closed my eyes open, to establish personal contact with luminaries of Wisdom and Beauty. Also in the warmer months, try not to wear hats, so that sunlight streamed free on Space, enlightening the mind of man.

Morning greeting the sun (with uplifted hands to heaven — Fleece "man") — one of the most important Slavic traditions to receive news from the Sun and the Universe for creating a harmonious day. Evening seeing the sunset — this is a report about the good Yarily creative works during the day.

Children of the Earth and the Sun, will awaken to the pristine wisdom and enlightenment, rejecting religious, national, and economic dogma and conflict, and you will be happiness and joy in this earthly life of grace!

Heliolater kramolnik and Belarusian.

Author: Dawn Svyatozar

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