Malicious poltergeist

In 1878, the town of Amherst, which is located in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, lived in a two-story house a family of eight people led by Daniel Tidom.

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One night Esther, a girl of nineteen years, awakened by cries of Jenny — she said, in her bed was a mouse. The next night, Esther has awakened the whole family — throwing himself into her room, they saw a fairly unpleasant picture — girl lying on the bed, her face was beet saturated color, and his eyes bulged. The body of the girl badly swollen. Relatives who were seized with a real horror, frozen and heard a loud thunder.

This went on for 4 nights. Native girl called a local doctor Kerrita — when examining pillow Esther flew up into the air, striking the doctor in the face. There was a grinding, and the next thing on the wall appeared the words "Esther Cox! You are mine, and I'll kill you. " Again he heard the thunder, during which the ceiling plaster began to crumble. The house began to appear from time to time and other inscriptions, one of which was the word, "Bob."

Esther decided a few days off their home — as a result, the house fell silent and calm. As soon as she came back — malicious "Bob" showed up, threatening to burn the house down! Started to happen strange fire — firefighters suspect arson banal, but could not prove anything. When the fire began to occur regularly, Esther decided to leave home again. The fires stopped. Once in the new home of Esther barn burned down, she was charged with arson and sentenced to four months in prison.

By guesswork some modern experts, Esther often suppress their feelings — as a result, regardless of the will, they were focused into a psychokinetic energy. Get rid of the "Bob" girl could only married.

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