March 30 — Ladodenie

On this spring day, decided to sing Mother Nature, who "wakes up" after a long winter. In other words — is a celebration of spring and warmth that our ancestors celebrated in honor of the goddess of the Slavic pantheon Frets — patron saint of love and marriage.

Some researchers believe that the Lada is one of the two goddesses giving birth (similar to a deity is Pantheons almost all Indo-European peoples). Meanwhile, Mikhail Lomonosov compared Lada with Venus.

Ladodeniya holiday is traditionally accompanied by the Slavs special rites. All sing the awakening nature. Girls and young people spend their first dance, the goddess Lada, patron of love and marriage.

Women climb on the roofs of houses on the hill, the high haystacks and, raising his hands to heaven, called spring. Dough again made cranes. Typically, these cranes, amulets placed on the highest point — above the door to save space.

With Ladodeniem related belief, according to which birds return from Iriya — Slavic paradise, and therefore decided to imitate the dance of birds — Coben (remember the expression that you vykobenivaeshsya?). These ancient rituals associated with the return to earth of solar power of Life.

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