Mars rover Curiosity has created a panorama of Mars (VIDEO)

Mars Rover Curiosity with Estonian designers have created an interactive panorama of Mars

Rover Curiosity, the third week to grow roots on the surface of Mars, continues to delight fans with new pictures from the Red Planet. Following the first color pictures and photos in 3D rover sent to Earth panorama of the surrounding area Gale crater in which it landed. Pictures of landscapes surrounding Curiosity led to the first interactive panorama of Mars.

Scene in the style of Google Earth has created the Estonian photographer and designer Andrew Bodrov, had already received some notoriety for its panoramas with the Victory Parade on Red Square on May 9, 2010 (see the panorama here). At this time, the photographer used not own photos and pictures rover made in high resolution.

Created image can consider in detail the area around Curiosity: you can turn 360 degrees. The image also can be approximated, so that is clearly distinguishable and rocky peaks on the edge of the crater, and the stones under the wheels of the rover.

Interactive panorama placed Bodrov on several thematic web-sites, a couple of days, attracted thousands of views and a variety of responses. So the designer on his Facebook page even joked that the cost to establish a fee-per-view.

At the same time, some users expressed very critical to the designer, calling him a fake job creation and Photoshop. Did not add any faith in the authenticity of the image and placing pan in the resource, where as the shooting location for some reason called the U.S. state of New Mexico, known for its alien species deserts.

The designer, however, and does not hide the fact that when you create an interactive image using a graphics editor. For example, in order to combine multiple images into a panoramic and to enhance the brightness of colors. Also in the middle of painting the sky was the sun, do not hit the lens of Curiosity, explained the designer TMP. The rest of the picture is fully consistent with the reality, says Bodrov.

The rover sent new photos

Curiosity meanwhile continues to test all of their instruments and, in particular, 17 cameras, leaving the Earth receives all new pictures from Mars. Most recent at the moment — it's color photos surface in high resolution. Also, the rover sent a fresh pan, though not interactive.

In general, the performance testing of all systems of the machine — it not fast. So to Mount Sharp, in the center of Gale Crater, Curiosity will get, as expected, about a year. The process will slow down and stop, which the rover will perform to explore its interesting stones, says The Daily Mail.

Continues to operate and the spacecraft that brought Curiosity on Mars and hung in its orbit. A new artificial satellite of the planet took photos of that part of the surface of Mars, where the rover. Pictures posted on the page of NASA.

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