Megalith Neiva-Rudyanki

November 10, 2012 18:42

"Around Neiva-Rudyanki really bogs. And on one of these bogs is the island-mountain. On this mountain, there is a training base secretive Christian priests, where they learn how to lure honest people in their faith, to make them bring their property. Oh, and how to set up all over their churches, they also study there. Therefore, the name of the appropriate "Popov Island." Who do not believe, can see on the map. "

 It could not be clearly illustrates the ratio of "tourists" to what they see with their own eyes. Delight! That's what keeps people include the idea and see the beauty of the Ural nature something. Reservation, I do not see first of all, and even now, I'm sure, a lot is missing. However, all in order. First, what am I doing and where it is at all.

Again south and central America, and my beloved Motherland! Native land of elephants and mermaids, with no roads and a lot of fools. Where encourage theft of millions of rubles and MNT, and put a shine.
Yekaterinburg Province (coordinates — 57 ° 18'32 "N 60 ° 11'23" E). Nearby cities: Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, Kamensk-. Surrounding villages — Upper Neyvinsk and Neiva — Rudyanka. There is a river Neiva, clearly where the first settlement, and that's why the name of the second associated with the ore? Ural same! Not Neiva — Hlopovsk same!

It turns out that the village was founded in 1762. When Prokofy Demidov, the son and grandson of Akinfiy Nikita, launched here vododeystvuemy ironworks and iron foundry. Truth in 7 years sold it Savva Yakovlev, like many other of its business. Since iron is clear. As with the rest? Preserved information that acted immediately and granite quarry on the mountain …. Popov Island. Stop!!
Since a mountain or island after all? Enjoying the old maps.

This map 1914. Drawing quite fresh, and there we see significant differences! There is not just a mountain in the middle of swamps and lakes are present, which are not already present. Lake Wilderness 2, know about it? None of the old-timers did not remember this! Obviously, the process of eutrophication of lakes and natural reclamation have not stopped to this day. So 300 years ago, there was so much water that it was in fact an inland sea, and the mountain — actually an island! Here's the answer incompatible at first glance, the name "Goran Popov Island."

Obviously, the first to reach the island could only swim, but now only on foot or by special vehicles, a bike, as well. Ie extremely convenient location, so that in our time, as well as 250-300 years ago to make flying back and forth for ore and stone. And who says that something is extracted.

Yes it is on the tail looks like a giant bomb! Painfully, these blades are like processed something different from the forces of erosion!
Can really quarry? Local history all tell us that even "before the invention of concrete in the twentieth century", then cut granite blocks for construction. The first stone went in the 18th century for the construction of the dam Upper Neyvinskogo pond. What's wrong here? Well first, I have said that to carry away the stone very thankless, time-consuming and expensive undertaking. Secondly: live, therefore, in the huts, and the dam for a pond made of granite blocks? Is this logical? Always dam Bottled simple rough boulders interspersed fragments of stones, gravel and clay, often simply ground, strengthening improvised timber.

What was then a need to cut blocks of the dam! Then there were quite a fool? Well, not the Taj Mahal is built, just the dam, water tank. You will be on a bed of nails to build a house, a garden tool at its 6 acres, making laser engraving? And why is no question of loyalty to the fact that our "great-great" cut down the blocks in line with hundreds of pounds on the island for economic waterworks? I seriously doubt it! Now look at the photo above carefully. Right in the center of the boulder. Lighter than the others. Nothing seems suspicious?

Here at all clear, in my opinion.

So still mined granite. Buryats holes and chips. Earlier wedges hammered. There are many questions.
This wedge, or already boreholes?

My answer — hole. In wedges flat rectangular recess.

Second question: Why, on a remote island in the middle of the marshes?

No answer.

The third question is: When the stone was quarried, in our time there, or is it to us?

No answer. The remaining issues for minor and voice will not.

At least we found out for sure that the stone is there all the same x-mined! This picture leaves no doubt after all? Right?
Such hollow chisel very difficult! But … for the sake of objectivity, we say — perhaps! Not only possible, that it was the result of natural erosion.

You know why? It proves that I knew! If here and cut stone for local use, spend a lot of effort and money, it is not on the same scale as it could, would seem! The older building is broken down into building material. Is not that how come our contemporaries? The same way! Derelict buildings dismantled in brick, and from them grow new cottages and barns! Exactly the same, and here is the place to be! Look at those steps. They left from the ancient builders. Stonecutters 19th century dismantled for parts of their structure, but not all … something has survived. THIS — clearly more perfect creation than pearls modern masons! Neither a fool would not have stairs at the quarry to cut! No … and would do it all the time, but not as such! These stages of the geometry comparable with modern staircases (except the step height. Who said it stage? Maybe bed for Metal Gear?)

Here, too, I really like … a lot of geometrically correct parts, destroyed and dumped randomly in a pile. But … as we remember, in the nature of straight lines and angles do not happen. Then, their concentration per square decimeter too large for random coincidence!
At least, we know absolutely for certain that:

One stone was mined here.
2 is extracted at all times.
3 is extracted by different technology such as those that are used now and those that have been lost.

We can not figure out who, when, why make such work … no answer to these questions we will never know what it all means, and what is the practical value for us.

Only one thing is undeniable:

But not easy! Why? I have already written that all such facilities connects one thing — GOLD!
This is not nothing but a hole!

And in the Americas, and the Kolyma, and find, and in Krasnoyarsk and Perm megalithic structures coincide with deposits of gold! And this is not just a coincidence!

"Gold has always been around much. After all, the first Ural gold nugget found here. But while gold production was a state monopoly and land dadennye breeders to possessional law could take away the treasury. Therefore, which found a nugget 13-year Katya Bogdanov, not rewarded, and hard-carved, so much so that the girl then went crazy.
But soon, in 1812, the government allowed the breeders searching for gold in their own cottages. After this, and began the "golden" age Nevyansky edge. For some 10-15 years of giving top-Neyvinskogo plant opened 45 mines.

Rudyanskie residents claim that in their village of gold is everywhere and the alleged time of change, local prospectors ground throughout, excluding land under the church.

Many wells were dug along the perimeter of the Bright marsh. Gold granite with friends (after all, our wetlands are always on the granite pillow), and traces of prospectors discovered over the wells in the logs on the edges of marshes and swamps in themselves, usually filled with water, and the presence in the vicinity of these pits waste rock. "
Damn all the gold!

I saw such pits in Kolyma hundreds of times!

Since gold was extracted. Once again, faced with the place of occurrence of filthy lucre, was not surprised that it coincided with the location of megalithic structures. This is the rule, not the accident. Once again proved that. It remains only to unravel as it is due … most of all, the "scientists" are called the temple complex, in fact — industrial enterprises in mining!

That's also interesting … there is persistent sense of explosion ….

I can not help thinking that I've seen it many times …. often wander through the battle. This is a typical example of explosive destruction.
Fell chaotically, leaving no chance that in the future someone suspected system, even for a moment imagine that this is not a spontaneous natural conglomeration Kamenyuki ….

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