Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (04.03.2013) Watch online

Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (04.03.2013) Watch online
Asteroid attack: the more it threatens the population of the earth and how she one day has changed life Earth?

A unique automatic rifle all the secrets of the U.S. Army.

People against the machines: as the IDF are the bots instead of a fighter.

Lagoon wrecks: the truth about the underwater treasures.

Unknown pages of history: Hitler and Napoleon "stumbled" on the city Mozhaisk.

Is there a life Mars: Now science is clear on this.

Armory: the best in the world of compact machine.

School self-defense: the secrets of combat sambo.

Planetoid expect new natural disasters. When volcanoes awaken, "killer"?

Forbidden Archeology: Why the gods came down from heaven?

The military secret — a series of programs

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