Minsk city executive committee again suing the company Tell the Truth

Today, the Economic Court of Minsk held a preparatory meeting with representatives of the Minsk City Executive Committee and the educational institution "Moving Forward," which launched the campaign "Tell the Truth." In early July, the city government has demanded to eliminate traffic, but lost the process. This time they chose the new claims facility: According to city officials, the organization leased area supposedly not suited to the "administration".

Employees of the legal department of Minsk Executive Committee insist that the room in a house on Avenue Masherova, 54, are "forward movement" rents from a limited liability company «Tina Vlati", unfit for office activities, and therefore, the lease is void.

At the same time, attending a meeting of a representative of the landlord objected: After signing a contract with a public organization all the information has been transferred to the Cadastral Agency and any claims to the scheme of cooperation did not occur. Topics more than that still shooting indoors there other organizations that have not been issues.

"Moving Forward" requirements Mingorispolkom calls illegal and asked the court to deny the plaintiff. Deputy chairman of the educational institution "Moving Forward" Nina Pohlopko believes that the city authorities are looking for all possible ways to neutralize their organization. So look here some legal hooks are simply not worth it:

one task: to present the new requirements now to invalidate the lease …

"Previously, Minsk city executive committee announced that we allegedly gave false information that the contract is not on February 2 concluded, and 10th. Znyapravzhana It was all, and the judge did not grant their demands. They did not stop there, now come up with that on the data sheet all premises belonging to the "Tina Vlati» (there is about a thousand square meters, including a bank, a shop "Zara", our location) passes as retail space. But where we occupy, it is marked as an administrative time. They just need to cling to something, because the challenge is the same: to present the new requirements now to invalidate the lease. By the way, on July 29, I already have on their agenda to appeal the earlier decision, the legal address. Therefore the goal is clear — to close. "

Recall that on July 7 Minsk Economic Court dismissed a lawsuit Minsk City Executive Committee on the Elimination of the "Movement forward." The main charge of the executive committee was that the movement gave false information about the legal address. But Judge Andrew Aleshkevich that will understand the nuances of the current lease, ruled: Minsk city executive committee denied the claim. City officials, as the filed appeal this decision displeased. Is there any hope that will not be biased examination of the case? Nina Pohlopko said that the practice of opposition NGOs with government agencies by no means in favor of democratic movements:

May 18 in the offices of the institutions "Moving Forward", as well as in the apartments of more than 20 activists of the "Tell the Truth" were searched, seized computers, documents, money. Head of the organization Nyaklyayeu, activists Sergei and Andrei Dmitriev Wozniak was arrested and spent three days in the detention as suspects for "spreading false information about goods and services." The charge on the case no one charged so far. Computers, media, documents and money too no one returned.


Tell the truth, "Going forward," Pohlopko

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