Mnogokalibernaya Barrett sniper rifle M-107

Large-caliber sniper rifle Barrett M-107

Barret M82A1M/A3 aka M107

Enjoying the most popular sniper mnogokalibernaya rifle The world.

Caliber: .50 BMG (12.7 x 99 mm)
Movement: automatic, with little recoil
Length total: 1448 mm
Length Barrel: 737 mm
Weight: 12.9 kg empty
Velocity: 868 m / c
: 10 rounds, detachable box
Sights: 10X Leupold M series
Most effective range: up to 1800 m
Main use liquidation cars, trucks, simple reservation combat materiel, communications and radar cabins, planes and helicopters parked, live strength at extreme distances and protected shelters, the elimination of sappers min armor-piercing incendiary bullet.

"Barrett" M82 needed where necessary to destroy lightly armored and unarmored vehicles, warehouses, radars and troops over large distances. Cartridge from mnogokalibernogo machine gun 12.7 mm h99 for this purpose could not be better. True, we have to take into account the impact. Notwithstanding the effective muzzle brake, it continues to be in the feelings, all the same energy in the cartridge 17000 J makes a point to know.

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