Mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle OC-44

Large-caliber sniper rifle, OC-44

Rifle performed in the assembly Bullpup scheme LV Bondarev based TsKIB COO (PCU branch). In the manufacture of rifles was taken into account experience in the development and IEDs used some of its structural solutions. The main unique feature of the OC-44 — displacement of the barrel forward for reloading (reloading similar scheme was used in the Czech MFI 1940). Rifle Reloading is done manually.

Rifle equipped with optical and night sight, bipod and ordinary adjustable foot-fry at the bottom of the butt. Kickback is weakened with a spring-loaded butt butt pad depreciated.

Large-caliber sniper rifle, OC-44

Mounted on the rifle is quite powerful, bulky silencer, which is like the VSS "very" pushed onto the trunk and practically does not increase the length of the barrel. Silencer consists of a cylindrical chamber with a broken transverse septa. Yet, in view of the specificity of the original cartridges supersonic bullet velocity, sound absolutely not smothered and weakened to the sound of the shot SVD. According to the statement on the 1997 development of this rifle: they are working on a similar design under the more powerful 14.5 mm cartridge.
According to some reports, apart from the standard sniper cartridge 12,7 * 108 mm is also cartridge low power and are easier to conceal sound shot, even though it is very influenced by the range of a bullet.

From personal observation: This rifle is very similar to KSVK, so I would not be surprised if it's the same gun, only slightly modified to maintain low noise shooting.

Caliber, mm 12.7h108
Length, 1070
Weight unloaded, 14.0 kg
The initial velocity, m / s 800
count. 8 rounds
The effective range
shooting, m 2000

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