Mnogokalibernaya sniper rifle OM 50 Nemesis

If you are working together on an instrument designer and professional officer who took part in the actual fighting, the output may not turn out ugly guns. At a minimum, it will be totally average, well, or it is really unique in its own way and exceed all existing standards. Here it will depend on how the triggered such a tandem, as one would be able to lay out what is really necessary, and the second will be able to realize all this. Specifically, such an alliance fighters and formed a gunsmith first two-thousand years, called comrades, joined forces for the creation of the newest sniper rifle mnogokalibernoy Chris Movigliatti (designer from Switzerland) and Jameson Owen (officer of the U.S. Marine Corps, retired), a product of their work was the SWR Nemesis .

Large-caliber sniper rifle OM 50 NemesisIn general, pretty hard for me to characterize these weapons and objectively describe it, because I believe that the sniper rifle if not "jaguar" in the middle of a similar tool, then on the "Ferrari" pulls at 100%, plus I was fortunate to get to know her. First thing to note — it's not just the highest quality tools, but just high. All parts fit together, so that a memory that tool itself produces all the acts, and you just stick to the individual elements, so they took their time. In all of all it is necessary to take into account the time for which this rifle came into being, and it is only 3 months of dogged work, which, in comparison with other standards, a phenomenal rate of development, well up for such a short term seems quite impossible. In general, you can explain all this the fact that the instrument has absorbed into itself all the best features of previous models with him all over the world, so that this rate of development is completely understandable, but may still be considered a record. In 2003 it was already established mass creation tools, if, of course, for such a class may be referred to the creation of a rifle serial. This is standard in the factories of the Swiss company AMSD and got a pretty wide distribution in Europe in the middle of the police and special forces, that at a fairly wide selection of mnogokalibernyh sniper rifles from other manufacturers about many states. Perhaps, the only limiting factor which does not allow for wide dissemination of the model SWR is very high price, but it is, of course, is, although many of the facts about the working and they say, but more on that a bit lower.

Large-caliber sniper rifle OM 50 NemesisThe main objective in the design of this tool was to make the rifle prototype which works well in a variety of criteria, from the desert to the "sterile" city limits. And it is fully able to designers, but with the amendment that a similar instrument in transit is usually protected from all the problems in the form of dust, mud, etc., but a reasonable amount of pollution tool brings amazing. In addition, this rifle is also designed for the defeat hard targets in the city, when the distance to the target is very rarely exceeds 150 meters, but these need 150 meters of accuracy such, that put out a candle with one stone. An important factor in all this is the possibility of substitution of the gun barrel, which can vary in length and the thickness of the wall. This allows you to pick the best weight rifle and its dimensions with features depending on the intended purpose. So you can even read about some universal tools. Now there are three options mnogokalibernoy sniper rifle Nemesis. First option is a single-shot, the stock has adjustable in length and height to stop the cheeks, but he did not add up, that is not quite fit in most of the requirements of the army. Second variant is powered from the store with a capacity of 5 rounds, butt it has the ability to take shape, which reduces the length of the instrument during transport. And finally, the third option is actually a second embodiment of guns, but with an extended forearm, where the seats are located in the form of rods such as "Picatinny", which has become a kind of benchmark for many types of guns, but I was more close second version of the rifle.

Large-caliber sniper rifle OM 50 NemesisThe main controversial point in the descriptions of the standard is given to its accuracy. The fact that the manufacturer states in the properties of their own guns that at a distance of 300 meters rifle has angular accuracy of fire in 0.5 minute and at a distance of 1000 meters this parameter increases to 1. At the same time, the real property instruments is much higher. Thus, the criteria for shooting U.S. Marine Corps more than once has been repeated a typical record, which was to hit the target five times the size of 5×6 cm at a distance of 1,000 yards, which in our 910 meters. Such characteristics they say nothing of the fact that the instrument can brag accuracy of fire at 0.25 angular minute. Naturally, in such hit series plays an important role and fortune, but, in general, is that it is far not an isolated incident, says a lot.

If you look at this rifle as one of the many samples without separating its features, it is in fact a very common instrument, as well as all the "boltoviki." Closes the bore 3 lugs, and the grip is specifically with the breech, allowing you to lower the load when shooting with the receiver, and the means to make it easier, which significantly affects the overall weight of the gun. The trigger mechanism is adjustable for absolutely all of its main characteristics, which is also exclusively a plus. In addition, by using almost similar parts can be recycled just one version of the gun in the other, and although this is not strictly necessary, often you need to change trunk tool that takes just 2 minute. Rifle barrel lengths can range from 381 mm to 838 mm, the weight of tools — from 10 to 15 pounds. The greatest length of the rifle can reach 1,562 millimeters with buttstock and most longish barrel, a small length with the buttstock of 1029 mm, with a barrel length of 381 mm. With the same barrel and folded length guns would amount only 774 millimeters. Naturally, this is not too far away record values, but they are within the boundaries of reason. In addition, tools for using such a massive munitions, light weight can not be good at shooting, so 10-15 pounds — just what you need.

That is such a fascinating creature that's made just two people, one of whom even non-technical, so professional and dedicated people have not only on our land, although, of course, it would be nice if it were our countrymen. In general, and we also have something to brag.

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