Mnogokaliberny gun Vickers

The company "Vickers" on the basis of its own machine gun was developed gun "Vickers .50" 12.7 mm. 12.7-mm cartridges were filled with bullets weighing 35.64 and 37.03 g. First punched 15-mm nickel armor at ranges of 200 meters, at a distance of 400 meters — 11-mm. From the layout of ordinary caliber mnogokaliberny gun distinguished not only bolshennymi sizes, and device hinges, as the presence of a special moderator to regulate the rate of fire in the spectrum from 300 to 700 rounds per minute.

Heavy machine gun, "Vickers"

Gun in the Army Field tripod mounted on the machine kitted mechanisms of vertical and horizontal crosstalk, a similar tripod "Vickers" ordinary caliber, calculated by firing in a sitting position and anti-aircraft installation. Flak installation was a languid tripod, providing radial firing, vertical lay angles — from -5 to +80 degrees, had mechanisms narrow and rough vertical lay. The height of the bore axis was 1 mm thousand because shots were fired from the provisions of either sitting on his knee.

Heavy machine gun, "Vickers"

Gun "Vickers .50" also was on combat vehicles.

In object air defense and the navy, "Vickers .50 'was used in the complexed anti-aircraft installations. Thus, paired fixed installation done on the basis of having a powerful three-point jacking support. To speed up the hum of her split between the right and left gunner and made with an automatic anti-aircraft sight. Strap feed to exercise the right or left side, on the rocking of the installed cartridge boxes significant capacity on the rotating parts — the gunner's seat. On the quad naval installation space-saving machine guns possessed vertically, were attached to the swivel on its axis every swing for communication served jointed parallelogram mechanism. However, this installation was complex, and the angles of vertical lay — limited. Is also manufactured aircraft 12.7-mm machine gun variant of "Vickers" (type C), which has an air cooling.

Heavy machine gun, "Vickers"
Workers assemble an anti-aircraft unit 2-12.7-mm machine guns Vickers (Vickers .50 Mk. III) at a plant in Ontario, Canada in 1942-1943

12.7 mm naval installation "Vickers" had on Russian ships. In the Russian Alliance put 92 quad setup. Russian ships that took part in convoys, ports dovooruzhali Allied anti-aircraft machine guns.

Heavy machine gun, "Vickers"

Technical properties mnogokalibernogo gun "Vickers .50":
Caliber — 12.7 mm;
Cartridge — 12,7 x80 «Vickers';
Weight of the "body" of guns — 30 kg (with water) / 25.5 kg (without water);
Length "body" machine gun — 1143 mm;
Barrel length — 762 mm;
Number of grooves — 7;
The initial velocity — 778 m / s;
Most shooting range — 6400 m
The highest reach in height — 4500-5000 m
Rate of fire — 450-600 rounds per minute;
Combat rate — up to 400 rounds per minute;
Power — Tape capacity of 100 rounds of ammunition;
Subcategory — AA, Field tripod;
Weight field machine — 49 kg;
Mass anti-aircraft machine — 59 kg.

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