Modern methods of treatment of hernias

Many people find themselves in a hernial protrusion, the main symptom of developing a hernia, do not rush to see a doctor. Some believe that the hernia does not cause them serious trouble, while others are afraid of surgery and try to delay the appointment with the surgeon. And they both make a mistake. First, the fired herniation fraught infringement of internal organs which may lead to the most sad outcome. Secondly, the latest treatments can get rid of hernias quickly and painlessly.

About how modern medicine can solve the problems associated with hernias, we talked with Alexander Ivanovich Chernookovym — Professor, Doctor of Medicine, head of surgical department and head of the scientific department of the clinic "Center of Phlebology."

Suppose a man has found himself at the hernial protrusion. What does he have to do?

Need to be operated. All hernias require surgical treatment, another option sayings problem does not exist. Many patients are afraid of surgery, anesthesia, but I want to say that now the medicine has leaped forward, so that all of these fears are unfounded. Most of these transactions takes place under spinal anesthesia, it is quite gentle technique that is easy to carry even elderly patients. Moreover, it is somewhere 80% of hernias are operated on an outpatient basis in a hospital one day. For example, in our clinic this is done as follows: the patient comes, he do the operation, he spends the night with us and the next morning he goes home safely. After that, a few days it is better to refrain from taking action, but then he can go to work. Full hospital prescribed only for patients with very large hernias or elderly people with lots of comorbidities, which is needed for a long-term care.

What kinds of operations are?

This breakthrough in herniology was the use of nets in operations on hernia. For the first time in large numbers began using nets since 1989, and since then the technology is constantly improving. If before closing hernial local fabrics patient, now instead put the patch in a grid of modern materials, which prevents protrusion of hernia. At the same time, various forms of fixation of these nets, some of them are sewn, some are assigned a special stapler, some do not require additional fixation.

What is the advantage of this technique?

First of all, this is a very high efficiency. Likelihood of re-herniation after plastic mesh does not exceed 1-2%, while the local tissues after plastic likelihood of recurrence is nearly 79%. Using the grid allows for more rapid rehabilitation of the patient, so that after 1.5 months after surgery a person can live a full life: lifting weights, playing sports, rock press. By the same operation is much easier to carry, after the less pronounced pain.

Why is that?

Plastic of local fabrics are often called tension operation. The fact that the surgeon staples and muscle aponeurosis, and in order to approximate edge to pull them, resulting in disrupted blood flow stapled tissue increases pain. If we make a patch from the grid, the tension of the muscles does not, accordingly, does not need any analgesics during rehabilitation. Many patients fear that they'll be scarred, but I must say that during these operations the value of the minimum cut 6 cm in inguinal hernias, 3 cm with omphalocele. We always do cosmetic seams, so that the following operations are practically invisible.

Is not there a risk that the body will somehow reject the nets?

No, that will not happen. Similar operations have been held for more than two decades, so their long-term results are well tracked. The materials of which make the nets, is inert, they are well accustomed, no rejection does not occur. On the contrary, after a while net grows connective tissue, acting as a scaffold.

The clinic is the "Center of Phlebology" treat all types of hernias?

We do all types of operations on hernias, but a very large post-operative. We have a hospital one day, very comfortable, very next day after surgery, the patient goes home alone. All operations on hernia spend personally am using only the most modern network of foreign manufacturers. The operative technique is selected individually depending on the type of hernia, but I can say that more often than we do so-called double plastic.

What is it?

It is the most modern method of operation. I am a regular participant in all major international congresses herniology and I can say that now is the most effective is this method when the first without much tension stitch local tissue, and then reinforce this design grid. We take into account the Western experience, and recently tried to do surgery just so as to ensure maximum reliability.

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