Modern methods of treatment of sexual problems

Modern methods of treatment of sexual problems

Many are afraid to contact sexologist because they do not know how to conduct the sexual examination. Since the causes of sexual dysfunction can be as biological and psychological, that patients have to go through general clinical, the sexual and psychological examination.

Psychotherapeutic methods of treatment

One of the most popular courses of treatment of sexual problems is Masters program and Johnson (so-called sex therapy).

Feature of the program is that the sex therapist is working with both partners. Masters and Johnson, the first to recognize: before the course to identify patients somatic disorders that may require medical or surgical intervention. In addition to the specific treatment of sexual disorders, the program focuses on the development of a genuine link between the partners, the establishment of a common system of values.

The initial survey carried out by partners individually by experts of the same sex. For two days in patients being investigated in detail: the history of marriage, childhood, puberty, premarital sex, especially marital relationships, self-esteem, particularly tactile, visual, olfactory and auditory perception. The next day, conducted physical and laboratory examination, and then arranged a joint interview doctors and patients. Doctors explain to their partners errors, prejudices, fears, and especially the relationship that contributed to the development of sexual disorders. Patients clarifies the mechanisms underlying the disorder and get recommendations.

Nepsihoterapevticheskie treatments

Over the last decade significant progress in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men of organic origin by nepsihoterapevticheskih methods. The most striking example is implanted into the penis devices, making it possible to sexual intercourse in cases where a man is physically unable to achieve an erection (due to illness or injury).

Another approach being studied in many centers, is injected into the body of the penis papaverine hydrochloride. This drug causes the filling of the penis with blood, were held for several hours and making possible the sexual act. This treatment, however, is accompanied by an undesirable effect: 5-10% of men who use it occurs attack priapism (painful prolonged erection), which requires immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, the use of bio-medical techniques to treat sexual dysfunction in women have not been successful.

The individual elements of the program of Masters and Johnson have been successfully used inconjunction with the methods of psychoanalysis. According to psychiatrist E.Kaplan, human sexual response should be seen as consisting of three separate but interlocking stages — desire, arousal and orgasm itself, each of which is characterized by specific psychological problems. Therefore, when treatment of a sexual disorders is necessary, primarily, to allow the patient's psychological problems.

Most modern methods of treatment of sexual problems is based on the behaviourist approach (the study of the behavior) developed by Joseph Wolpaw. Getting treatment, the physician must carefully examine how the patient behaves in the manifestation of a sexual disorder. On the basis of these observations, the doctor develops a treatment regimen, trying to use the full range of incentives and disincentives that may have an impact on the patient. This technique is used for relaxation training, to enhance self-confidence, presentation skills training for their needs and feelings.


To judge the success or failure of the treatment — it is extremely difficult. In some cases, the results are assessed by doctors as a "failure" by the patients themselves can be regarded as very beneficial. Other patients in the treatment of which, according to their doctors, there has been some success, continue to feel miserable. It also happens that the views of partners in the outcomes differ. In all these situations, one can not speak about the validity or invalidity of one or the other point of view. Despite the fact that sex therapy does not bring immediate healing to many people, this technique brings substantial relief. Moreover, improvements are achieved in the course of treatment, usually persist for a long time.

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