MOE expects anomalous cooling in the Kaliningrad region

GUMCHS the Kaliningrad region predicts anomalous cooling in the region in the next three days, the temperature will drop to minus 19 degrees, which is significantly below historical averages, the press-service management.

According to the Kaliningrad Centre for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, in the period c 20 to 23 January in the region is expected to abnormally cold weather: the average daily air temperature by 7-11 degrees will be below historical averages.

"Temperatures at night will drop to minus 14-19 degrees, some nights — to minus 16-21 degrees at night, minus 9-14 degrees," — said the administration.

Sunday afternoon in Kaliningrad air temperature dropped to ten degrees below zero.

Due to the cold snap MOE not to let it go out. At the first sign of frostbite, immediately seek medical attention.

Spokesman of the city administration told RIA Novosti that due to the cooling of the first deputy head Svetlana Amanita on Sunday signed an order declaring in Kaliningrad on high alert.

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