Mogilev a single candidate: When someone appears, it immediately disappears

The survey of "Freedom", "Can you believe the opposition will nominate a single candidate, Alexander Lukashenko opponent in the upcoming presidential election." Meet people on the streets of Mogilev.

Mr. elderly: "Will. Should only be consolidated on a common key positions. And then everything else will follow. Goal as the opposition one — to oppose something more suitable for the people than the current regime."

Man: "No. They have different views and also, apparently, they have their own interests, everyone. I do not see their programs. Actually it is not. Oh it can not be heard anywhere else. I think they need to find the core that have united them all — can any national idea. "

Young people: "The serious contenders the incumbent president is unlikely to be. Now be seen in the political arena of the country some outstanding people."

Man: "I find it difficult to answer, as recently watched" The Godfather. "It is clear it was all said. People disappear fraud. Course're afraid. All bribed. Everything is done by one man."

Man: "Will. Electorate has matured to such a system is that a single candidate can identify and support. Campaign Alexander Lukashenko does not always justify their actions. Last war with Russia for gas I did not like it."

Man: "She's not cooperating with what is. She vilify, disparage, and his Putney offers nothing. We know better Russian politics than Belarus. We only see here — the campaign's it — the more we do not see anybody. Turns that they now have no power anywhere. "

Man: "I do not care. Absolutely. As a result of the coming to power of some opposition candidates did not change dramatically. Do not know why, but I have an opinion. Perhaps even worse condition."

Young Man: "Will. For a rivalry as desired. Rivalries If not, then the objective will be seen that the elections were not legitimate. But it will be very difficult to do. Holds all the power in our hands hard."

Man: "Nor will it do so. Watched the movie" The Godfather. "I'm in shock from it. All we get narration. Nobody can do. And if someone appears, it immediately disappears."

An old woman: "At the moment it has no competitors.'s See what feuds with Russia now — it's necessary to have some health to survive. Opposition And I do not know. If only those who spoke, what he said."

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